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Sampa criticizes the way the street vending issue is being handled by UPND, calls for comprehensive solution


Matero Member of Parliament Miles B. Sampa, has criticized the handling of the street vendors issue by President Hakainde Hichimema and Local Government Minister Garry Nkombo.

Earlier Mr Nkombo had ordered the clearance of street vendors from the central business district (CBD) of Lusaka, a move made in an effort to prevent a potential outbreak of cholera in the city, but was later reversed by President Hakainde Hichilema.

According to Hon. Sampa, the decision to reverse the clearing of street vendors was made during a meeting at Statehouse, where Nkombo and the Secretary to Cabinet, Mr. Patrick Kangwa, invited all Lusaka district MPs to attend. However, Hon. Sampa was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

In his statement, Hon. Sampa acknowledges that the intentions of Nkombo and the President are good, but argues that they are both right and wrong in their approach. He explains that Nkombo is correct in wanting a clean city for health reasons, but wrong in how it will negatively impact the livelihoods of street vendors who depend on that revenue to feed and educate their children. Similarly, the President is right in prioritizing the economic needs of street vendors, but wrong in that if cholera does break out, lives may be lost and the blame will fall on his shoulders.

Hon. Sampa also notes that the issue of street vendors is a complicated one, as it is a main source of income for party cadres. He suggests that it would take a shrewd government to find a solution that benefits all parties involved.

Hon. Sampa also talked about his past experience as the Mayor of Lusaka, where he had to deal with the issue of street vendors. He stated that during his tenure, he had implemented several measures to ensure that the city remains clean and hygienic. He also said that he had zero tolerance for street vendors and had taken strict action against them whenever necessary. He further added that during his tenure, Lusaka did not record any outbreak of cholera. He believes that constant reminder to residents to wash their hands regularly, drink boiled water and avoid shallow wells water were the reasons for no cholera outbreak.

However, Hon. Sampa also acknowledged that street vendors were an important part of the city’s economy. He stated that street vendors were the only means of livelihood for many people and that it was not fair to deprive them of their livelihoods. He further added that it was the government’s responsibility to ensure that the city remains clean and hygienic while also providing support to street vendors.

Hon. Sampa also talked about the political aspect of the issue of street vendors. He stated that the issue was a hot potato as it was one of the main income sources for party cadres. He further added that the practice of collecting daily levies on behalf of ‘the council and party’ in theory but in reality it was on behalf of their pockets was prevalent. He said that street vendors believed in the ‘We put you in power’ entitlement.

In conclusion, Hon. Sampa wished the President and Minister Nkombo the best of luck in addressing the street vendor situation in Lusaka, but reminded them of their previous promises of zero tolerance for street vendors before the last general election. He stated that it was important for the government to find a solution that benefits all parties involved, including street vendors and the city’s residents. He also reminded that Cholera is a real threat to lives and that it was important for the government to take necessary steps to prevent an outbreak.

Hon. Sampa also urged the government to come up with alternative means of livelihood for street vendors, so that they can earn a livelihood without having to resort to vending on the streets. He also called on the government to provide support to street vendors, such as training programs and financial assistance, to help them transition to more sustainable livelihoods. It is important for the government to find a balance between ensuring a clean and healthy city and protecting the rights and livelihoods of street vendors. Hon. Sampa hopes that the government will take a comprehensive and holistic approach in addressing the street vendor situation in Lusaka, and that the rights and needs of all parties involved will be taken into consideration.


  1. This coward now wants to talk about street vendors when he was Lusaka Mayor the chap spent most on his time on Face-book making a foool out of himself running the clock down.

    • Remember the PF’s policy on vendors was allow them as long as they vote for pabwato. Sampa needs to tell us what is his alternative solution. He shouldnt just criticise. We all can criticise. Kigali has become the cleanest city in Africa by effecting a disciplined plan. Does HH have such a plan?

  2. This boy was silenced when he tried to talk about Street Vending by kidnapping him at gunpoint…the useless coward never said a word he was also reminded of his Parliamentary ambitions.
    His achievement as Lusaka Mayor was getting married at Woodlands Stadium including various events and knocking up his side chick then marrying her…one of dozens of women who he has impregananted.

  3. So why enact a law if you have no intention of following it. Street vending is banned according to law so let’s follow it. Otherwise let even shops close and display on the pavement in front of their shops so that they equally don’t have to pay any licence, health, fire certificate fees.

  4. Ba Kaisa mukalamba wandi. PF is not coming back. It’s time you join the WhatsApp group of former ruling parties. I’m reliably informed that there’s an open position for Secretary General. The current Chair is the NIP President Vice Chair MDD president

  5. Zambia will never develop. Five steps forward ten steps backwards. No wonder 58 years after independence we are still the same. PF had removed street vendors though allowed them back with stricted hours in the afternoon. But now it’s grown out of proportion, anyone can sell their stuff anywhere anyhow. People cook Nshima on the middle on Freedom way, it’s become uncontrollable.

  6. Could we believe that Lusaka is dirty because local authority workers are getting free money? Lusaka is really dirty.It is turning into a breeding ground of diseases.


  8. We should suggest alternative income generating activities for the street vendors. Thanks Jon Sampa for the passion and let’s work together to fix Zambia and Lusaka

  9. Very soon I will be retiring so I want the economy to improve…I want vendor free streets and cholera free environment

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