Sunday, June 16, 2024

An 81-year-old man walks to freedom on Marijuana charges


An 81-year-old man from Kavuma Compound in Lusaka’s Waterfalls area has been acquitted on charges of trafficking in 68 grams of marijuana. The accused, Tie Mwape, admitted to the charge but claimed that he was using the drug for medication on his grandchild who has an ear infection.

Mr. Mwape was charged with trafficking in psychotropic substances, an offence that carries a maximum sentence of 25 years. Allegations against him stated that on November 26th of last year, he trafficked in 36 grams of marijuana, a herbal product of cannabis sativa, without lawful authority.

Mr. Mwape spent his Christmas in jail while awaiting his next court appearance. Despite his age and the fact that his wife is reportedly ill, he was not granted bail as drug trafficking is not considered a bailable offence.

During the court hearing, two investigation officers testified that they never found Mr. Mwape selling the drugs and that they did not have a warrant when they searched his house. A scenes of crimes officer at Chelstone Police Station, Rosa Chutu, stated that she was assigned to accompany a deputy criminal investigations officer to recover stolen goods in Kavuma and that they were with one suspect, Chipusa Kamanga, who was charged with theft.

In the end, the court acquitted Mr. Mwape.


  1. Let the people use local herbs for healthy healing/cure. Stop assimilating Western drugs in everything, when our Elders have the wisdom & knowledge to use our forefathers meds.

  2. The story is so half-baked. After allegations the narration wanders off like a vagrant. It comes back to testimony by prosecution team saying they had no evidence. What was the judgement and reasons for acquittal?

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