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LCC assures existing drainages in city operate well


Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba says the local authority is doing its best to ensure that the existing drainage systems in the city are operating well.

Ms Mwamba said the local authority engaged 22 performers contractors who are working with council engineers to ensure that there are no blockages and overflows of water.

She said so far the contractors and engineers are doing well in ensuring that rainwater flows well from smaller drainages to the bigger ones like the Bombay drainage.

“We are in the rainy season again and issues to do with the drainage systems are topical issues but I am happy to report that we are doing very well in terms of the draining systems. 22 contractors and our council engineers are on the ground to ensure that we don’t report any blockages and overflows,” Ms Mwamba said.

Ms Mwamba however, noted that there has been a challenge especially with the Bombay drainage in that traders and the general public are in the habit of throwing garbage where they are not supposed to adding that this behavior should come to an end.

“You know some people have a tendency of throwing garbage in these drainages and this leads to the drainages being blocked. And again the same people start coming back complaining. This behavior has to come to a stop,” Ms Mwamba said.

And a check by ZANIS at City Market Boombay Drainage found garbage piling up in the drainage and one of the traders Catherin Chanda said they throw garbage there because council does not collect the garbage even after paying.

“This garbage has continued to pile up because the council does not come to collect it. As you can see they are packed in plastics and sacks for them to collect but they do not do so,” Ms Chanda said.

Ms Chanda added that we are now calling on the local authority to quickly start collecting this garbage even after a day or so to avoid this garbage otherwise we will now start having diarrheal diseases such as cholera.

Meanwhile, Zambia will continue experiencing flashfloods due to continued heavy rainfall.

Zambia Meteorological Department Senior Meteorologist Micah Namukoko said the factors including the inter-tropical convergence zone have caused Zambia to continue receiving surplus rainfall of about 30 to 40 millimeters.

Ms Namukoko stated that most parts of the country have sufficient soil moisture of about 90 to 100% adding that any more rainfall will result in floods.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, Ms Namukoko noted that the southern and central parts of the country will, in the next five (5) to seven (7) days receive continuous rainfall due to cumulative rainfall and sufficient moisture.

Meanwhile, Ms Namukoko through the Zambia Meteorological Department (ZMD) And Ministry of Agriculture Agro Meteorological Advisories recommended farmers to intensify scouting of pests such as Fall Army Worms in maize field and where necessary control measures to be undertaken”.

“Report any unusual and strange insects or disease on crops to the nearest agriculture office in their respective areas and be cautious in application of fertilizer,” she said.


  1. We hv not a dying local authority but a dead one. It’s completely clueless and is not even interested in looking for clues.

  2. If you say you are doing your best in job which you are supposed to excel in then you are in the wrong job. How can you do your best in something which you are responsible for? Ni malabish ya bwanji aya?

  3. Wow look at such development…what a beautiful country…. drainages blocked with garbage….YES HH AND UPND IS WORKING

  4. “This garbage has continued to pile up because the council does not come to collect it.
    The LCC should act like it is in a capitalist country. Sub contract garbage collection. LCC cant do it.

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