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Anthony Bwalya dropped as Presidential Spokesperson

HeadlinesAnthony Bwalya dropped as Presidential Spokesperson

President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed Presidential Spokesperson Anthony Bwalya as Deputy High Commission at the Zambian Embassy in Tanzania.

This was announced by Secretary to the Cabinet Patrick Kangwa in a statement.

Mr. Kangwa said the appointment of Mr. Bwalya into the Diplomatic service is with immediate effect.

He said Mr. Bwalya has served as Presidential Spokesperson at State House since 2021 until his appointment as Deputy High Commission to Tanzania.

Mr. Kangwa said President Hichilema has thanked Mr. Bwalya for his contribution as Spokesperson at State House.

In a statement, the President is confident that Mr. Bwalya will serve the government and citizens of Zambia to the best of his ability as he takes up his new appointment in Tanzania.


  1. The cracks have begun. By 2026 this party will be fighting each other and pf will take back what it deserves. This country needs pf

  2. Mr President fire these ministers,minister of health,Minister of information and broadcasting and minister of Agriculture then I will say you have the balls not your Spokesperson

  3. It is not easy to be the President’s spokesman when there is Clayson Hamaska, a Minister of Propaganda, a Southern Province minister cum UPND Spokesman, a UPND Lusaka province chairman and a UPND Yufi chairman all singing from different hymn sheets!

  4. If you think HH tried and failed for 20 years so that he can develop Zambia then you need to have your brain checked….HH and his team are now on full throttle looting and enriching themselves….just 2 days ago I said HH will get rid of anyone who he thinks can be a hindrance to his massive corruption and looting….Conman Jinto Kayumba and Thabo Kawana will remain in the corridors of State House….Anthony Bwalya off to Tunduma as a clearing agent

  5. If Anthony Bwalya got 600000 US$…You can imagine how much money Conman Jinto Kayumba and former MMD Bandit Musokotwane is making…remember the 48 houses belong to Musokotwane’s nephew and the story has died…. UPND campaigned on 48 houses…ever since i was born i have known all Politicians to be greedy liars.


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