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Ambassador George Zulu Condemns Insinuations of Corruption in Chief Mpezeni’s Visit to the President


Ambassador George Zulu, Senior Advisor to Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people, has condemned the recent comments made by Chilufya Tayali regarding the Paramount Chief’s visit to the President of the Republic of Zambia.

“It is unacceptable to drag the King of Kings His Majesty Mpezeni into their madness,” said Ambassador Zulu in the statement.

“This madness must be taken to where it belongs. To insinuate that Mpezeni must not visit the Republican President unless for the purpose of corruption is madness.”

In a press statement released on the 27th of January, Ambassador Zulu also criticized Tayali for not speaking out when Paramount Chief Chitimukulu was in the company of Senior Chief Mukuni, stating that “Recently we saw Paramount Chief Chitimukulu in the company of Senior Chief Mukuni, this young man Chilufya Tayali said nothing to this day. He chose to respect Chitimukulu’s privacy.”

The statement also touched on the historical relationship between the Ngoni people and their “tribal cousins,” the Bemba, stating that “Our cousins the Bemba don’t cease amazing me, when it comes to politics, Bemba politicians have never been our friends. When it suits them, they will claim from the rooftops that we are one. Our political relationship with our tribal cousins is just for convenience.”

Ambassador Zulu also referenced the 1991 Unity convention and the Eastern Province’s decision to vote for UNIP instead of the MMD led by FTJ as examples of the Ngoni people’s independence in politics.

“When in 1991 everybody went for MMD led by FTJ, the Eastern Province decided not to go with them, we voted UNIP en masse. We are independent thinkers we are not bought by any money,” he said.

In conclusion, Ambassador Zulu called on the Ngoni people to ignore Tayali’s “provocative language” and to be counted among “decent human beings in this country.” He also urged Tayali to “talk about your own group, we don’t go together in politics” and to leave Mpezeni, the “King of Kings,” alone.

He also added “Mpezeni is a King and is independent, he makes, he chooses, he sees whoever he wants. So young man stay away, keep the madness where it belongs.”

“We have not forgotten what they did to Rueben Chitandika Kamanga at the Unity convention that led Easterners to give up the hope of being Zambians and subsequently declared Ummodzi Kum’mawa, wanting to break away because of the behaviour of our cousins in politics.”

“We must as Easterners ignore all these provocative language of Tayali and his likes. We must be counted among decent human beings in this country.”

“Talk about your own group, we don’t go together in politics. Leave Mpezeni Nkosi yama Nkosi, otherwise Umukonto usenzela.”


    • The Tongas & Bembas voted together to make Ruben Kamanga lose.

      The Tongas & Bembas voted together to remove UNIP and usher in Chiluba .
      The Lozis and Bembas voted together to remove Banda and Bring in Sata.
      In 2021 the Bembas & Tongas & there mbuyas voted together to remove Edger .
      2026 i see Tongas and Easterners voting together to make HH win second term.
      Dynamics of zambian politics .

  1. This is what happens when you open the lid on the pot of tribalism. Tayali says this, Kambwili says that, Kaisala says something else. Bamudala ba Zulu says something else. Where will this discussion lead us. It’s dangerous talk. Ba Zulu it’s not necessary to go into history and open up old wounds. Just sort out our misguided young man. He doesn’t need all that ammo.

  2. This is not the first time I have heard Ambassador George Zulu express these unfriendly sentiments towards his Bemba “cousins”. Is the hate – filled ammo he has unleashed against all Bembas really necessary – just because of one misguided Chilufya Tayali? Or could there be something dark and deep that explains his apparent antagonism towards his “cousins”?

  3. I’m glad the reporter used the phrase “Ngoni people “, rather than “Ngoni speaking people “. The Ngoni people don’t speak Ngoni, as is commonly reported. They speak Chewa.The only Ngoni they speak is “Nkosi ya makhosi”.
    Beyond that it is a dead end.

    In a contrast of fortune, when the Kololo people conquered the Luyana people temporarily, they imposed their Sotho language and the mixture of Sotho and Luyana gave birth to what is now called Lozi. For unknown reasons, when the Ngoni people arrived in what is now Eastern Zambia, they abandoned their language and adopted Chewa. Ask Mr Fred Mumembe for more details.

    • Mutu – Thank you for that educational discourse about Ngoni people but please dont use Fred Mmembe as a go to guy because the man has a habit of twisting issuing to suit his agenda.

    • By the way, “Ngoni” is the spelling the British gave to the word “Nguni”. Therefore, the people were not Ngoni’s but Nguni’s. Same problem with the word “Mongu”, again British spelling of “Mungu”. If you listen to any Lozi person speaking about the town “Mongu”, they pronounce it as “Mungi” – “niya kwa Mungu” for example.

  4. George Zulu as a diplomat should have understood that he didn’t need to drag other people into his misunderstanding with Chilufya Tayali. Even the history he’s given about Kamanga and Kapwepwe can be challenged. Kapwepwe served before Kamanga and he’s said to have been frustrated by Easterners who didn’t accept him as VP to the extent of walking out of Parley whenever he walked in. Please tone down. Some Chiefs might decline your invitation to next month’s Nc’wala after this statement. You seem to suggest that Mukuni corrupts Chitimukulu

    • Ayatollah – Tayali is a motor mouth he has court cases list longer than your arm…but he is smart enough to know that he is under no legal obligation to respond to any traditional summons.

    • Don’t underrate the power of traditional leaders because there have been several precedents. If Mpezeni summons Tayali, you’ll see what will happen to him. He’ll go to Ipendukeni crawling. At one time Ponciano Kaiche was summoned after he misbehaved during Nc’wala. So instead of George issuing a statement that isn’t different from what Tayali said, he can advise his Chief to summon the boy. Terence Findlay was also once summoned by Chief Mushili. It’s up to him to take my advice or not. Otherwise his utterances have put Mpezeni in an awkward position

    • Really laughable…what awkward position can a shameless Chief like Mpezeni be in? The man is sell out who has made a living getting handouts and payments from Presidential slush fund.

  5. This George Zulu where is he based I mean which Zambian embassy ..for you to be calling him Ambassdor. Then why is he calling a Paramount Chief a King..Mpezeni is a Chief. Mpezeni has been associated to so many crimes lower than corruption like chasing after underage girls…George you must not be very smart to defend playboy Mpezeni. This is a Chief who wants to drive around in the latest Jeep and Limousines the man has no morals and needs to fund his luxury lifestyle…it is a well documented fact how Mpezeni publicly supported Lazy Lungu even banned opposition. This cantankerous chief can never just visit State House for cup of tea.

  6. Tayali is entitled to his opinion. If you believe it is malicious then take it to court. This is trivial news, I am more upset about using my father’s picture MCS for this article. Do not associate our father with f00Iish news

  7. AS for Chilufya Tayali, this boy has zero control of his mouth at one time he nearly started a genocide in Zambia…even his young teenage Ethiophian wife had enough and packed bags took their daughter back home. This boy wasted that girls time in Zambia feeding her lies about running a business and leading the biggest opposition in Zambia yet all he was doing was blackmailing and a mouth for hire for corrupt PF ministers.

  8. I have said this so many many times….Chilufya Tayali is an attention seeker…..whatever he says or does is just to get people talking especially on social media…that’s how things are done these days…they do things for “likes” and “Comments”….JUST IGNORE TAYALI AND YOU WILL SEE THAT HE IS JUST NONENTITY BEGGER

  9. I thought that Kaizar Zulu is busy enjoying his arrogance than directing his insults at the respected chief. While this boy called Tayali is not even worth talking about. Though he wants to present himself as the main leader of the opposition in Zambia. This how he managed to lie to Ethiopian citizens. Actually Tayali nobody knows him. Even as a mayor for Lusaka he failed. About MCS. Let me tell you the whole truth but the truth. He was a founder of cadres in Zambia. He even harassed and beat up the then incumbent leader, and the one who named ZAMBIA as Zambia. Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. This happened in Kitwe. How would you honor such people.
    If Kaizar Zulu ever went to as far as class seven, he should have been aware of history.

  10. Iwe Sulu, ni history wayamba iyo.If you know Tayali very well you shouldn’t even have gone to the extent of talking about how Kumozi kumawa was formed. How the Bembas disappointed you in the past and how Eastern Province makes its own voting decisions. The people of Eastern province are at liberty to choose which party the want to vote without external influence. So, If you are really upset speak to Tayali who said all that has annoyed you. Tayali is not a representative of the Bemba speaking people. Just hold him by the horns and sort him out if you can manage that. Full stop.

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