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Government officially terminates James Ndambo’s AU Walvis Bay Concession deal


The government has officially terminated the concession contract between James Ndambo’s African Union Holdings and Zambia’s government for the management of the Dry Port facility at Walvis Bay in Namibia.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to Namibia, Steven Katuka, revealed that the concessionaire had not been performing well and that only 10,000 of the 30,000 square meters of land given to Zambia by Namibia had been used.

The termination of the concession contract comes as the private sector-led construction of a gas and oil pipeline from Namibia to Zambia has not been able to take off due to the difficulty of sourcing funds.

Mr Katu

The Zambian millionaire and promoter of My Home Town, James Ndambo, is believed to have been behind the concession and lease agreement with African Union Cargo (AUC). Reports say that the UPND government in Zambia, and AUC had been in dispute over the revenue the government was receiving from AUC. The government had planned to take control of the facility and give it to the state-owned company, ZAM Cargo.

The Namibian government gave Zambia as a Southern African Development Community (SADC) land locked country a dry port at Walvis Bay along the Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia in order to enable Zambia develop their own sea dry ports at Walvis Bay as a way of encouraging trade through Namibia.

Zambia started using its Walvis bay dry port, which was constructed at an initial investment cost of US$3 million in 2017.

The Port offers the Zambian economy a sea route and can easily be used by the Zambian business community to access the market in Europe and America. Walvis Bay Corridor offers Zambia an excellent opportunity for both the private sector and parastatals to participate in international trade.

In Deember last year Mr Ndambo officially closed his Zambian Non-Governmental Organization “My Home Town Zambia” due to the dented international reputation after the Zambian government carried out investigations of suspected money laundering resulting to the pulling out of other global sympathizers that were supporting the organization.
Sources within the organization have

confirmed the development to Phoenix News that the organization which was non-profit making but dependent on financial support from allies of Mr. Ndambo, will no longer be operating in Zambia where it was founded 25 years ago.
The sources have further revealed that investigations of money laundering which was carried out by the Zambian investigative wings dented the image of the organization to some global business partners of Mr. Ndambo.

Mr Ndambo through my home town zambia in july this year donated vehicles to the zambia police in southern province, refurbished the Choma central police station, Choma township roads and organized one of the most expensive beauty pageant in Zambia

Mr Ndambo’s organization has been instrumental in supporting Zambians whose medical conditions could not be treated locally by evacuating them to countries where their ailment were treated.


  1. I think ndumbo was a major PF financier and beneficiary………..

    Hence the none ending friction with the current GRZ………

  2. Hw do u terminate the contract before identifying who’s going to take over from the current concessionaire?

  3. You elect a president with a teacher qualification, he sends his country to school (KK), Fast forward to a trade unionist, he talks his way and dribbles his opponents. (Chiluba). Elect a lawyer (Mwanawasa) , spends time prosecuting his predecessor. Swap him for an economist (RB) dodgy deals are introduced with corruption on the rise. A common man is elected (Sata) we see the birth of cadres, nepotism and tribalism resurface. Another Lawyer in (Lungu) more prosecutions, acceleration in disorder, signs of patriotism but comes a bit late. The people finally elected a business man(2H) oh boy, oh boy…the man has turned the country into one of his stocks and started trading like there is no tomorrow, taking out his competitors one by one.

  4. The man ndambo was benefitting a lot from this dry port but giving peanuts to the government. Now that the government through zamcargo has taken over then 100% of the revenue raised will come to GRZ provided there are no thieves employed to manage the same.

  5. @Spaka
    Let’s develop Zambia as Zambians….you always get excited when its Bazungu promising to develop Zambia but not your own kind….you would rather pull a fellow black man down in favor of bazungu….

  6. Iam tonga and thief is not Tonga but a Malawian. His mother was from Choma yes, but a malawian father who worked in WHite peoples homes in SOuth Africa during apartheid. Hence this thief based in South Africa where his father worked as a gardener. while he is pretending to be Zambian. There is no Zambia in this thief people. Okey if he was Zambian-why is he moving to Ghana? Cos Zambian politicians are one of the politicians in the whole word that dont run away from their country during the hardest times.

  7. Look at KK, despite his parents being Malawian, he never ran back to Malawian into exile-No! but he cud have , as a short cut to end his persecution. Look at Chiluba, he too never dodged anywhere? Fast forward, look at Kambwili, Bowman Lusambo, Nawakwi, Chilufya Tayali, Katele Kalumba, Mumbi Phiri? And even HH during his fake treason trial-he never ran away. Common fellow Zambians , know whats common amongst you despite of tribe. And this thief, just for the Government to take back its own Bay which was given to it and this thief is all over the show jumping borders!

  8. @Gunner in Zambia
    HH will award himself the contract but he will use bandits like Jinto Kayumba to find someone who be fronting on behalf of HH

  9. For your own info , Iam from Mazabuka and i grew up with two of this thiefs own Blood Brothers and One sister from Lubombo near kafue who are all living in abject poverty(Not poverty but i mean if the thief is buying strangers S-class cars you expect his own brother or sister to fly a plane right?- But no-most of them are still walking or driving a toyota spacio and am not kidding). So all of you *****s praising this thief-you can hang yourself or simply go to hell to meet your lucifer. Thankyou

  10. How come that we Zambians have allowed Malawan criminals an thieves keep on exploiting Zambians. When are we going to woke up again?

  11. But thus hh boy is a hateful, insecure son of a beech. Chicarla chakwe. Mputl yakwe double Satanneeyoko. Moonyellow

  12. In Zambia we give the same kind of business to the Bazungu and they loot and steal from us and they become super rich and we still jump up down and celebrate them….Andrew Sardanis…Michael Cecil (Galaun Farms)…all became rich because of government contracts and corruption….Galaun Farms owned 70% of Land in Lusaka……it definitely wasn’t acquired genuinely……but we tend to go after our own kind…calling them thieves and they laugh at us…My Jewish co worker in New York always makes fun of Africans…”in a land of plenty a fool is starving”

  13. Why do we Zambians rush to call our friends foreigners as soon as we fall apart? Ndambo was hailed as home grown Tonga but as soon as he started to show signs of threats to our HH, he became a Malawian

  14. @Spaka
    Now you know how people get rich in Zambia….it can only be through corruption….HH has benefited alot through such deals…the playing field is not level…

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