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President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia to Attend Emergency SADC Troika Summit


President Hakainde Hichilema of the Republic of Zambia is scheduled to travel to the Republic of Namibia on Tuesday, January 31st, 2023 to attend an emergency extraordinary summit of the Troika of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Organ on Politics, Defense, and Security.

The summit, which has been convened by President Hage Gottfried Geingob of Namibia, will deliberate on the prevailing political and security situation in the region, among other key issues. President Hichilema will join Namibia and South Africa as the incoming/deputy chair of the Organ.

President Hichilema continues to emphasize Zambia’s commitment to regional peace and security, recognizing that peace is a precondition for economic advancement. He has emphasized the need for deliberate and intentional efforts to preserve peace and stability and respond to emerging threats.

In this important meeting, President Hichilema will engage with the Troika leaders in their common effort to find regional solutions to regional problems. He is expected to return to Zambia immediately after the summit on the same day.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Stanley K. Kakubo, MP, has issued a statement highlighting the significance of the President’s participation in this summit and his commitment to regional peace and security.

The Emergency Extraordinary SADC Troika Summit is expected to play a significant role in addressing political and security challenges facing the region and finding lasting solutions.


  1. We have a heartless head of state. He only comes to Zambia to change cloths. After Namibia he will be heading to another country meanwhile in Zambia we are being told to resort to roller meal. If Nalumango does not know roller meal today cost more than what breakfast meal used to cost 16 months ago. Fuel is a k27, FISIP is a disaster, fertilizer is at k1300, we have load shedding while in the same area where water is said to be low residents are complaining of flooding. HH will do what he did in the 90s and come out the only rich person in mess that he has created. Praise singers open your eyes. Your god is the Devil himself.

  2. Time, Time, yeah time yake….great song by the one and only mozegeta. Let him enjoy before he loses it all. He is living the dream, remember he said he is a village boy and I’m sure you know what happens when you take a village boy out of a village. The village stays in him.

  3. SADC is one of the most useless organisations………..

    Their support for tin pot dictators is legendary…………

    Watch how munangagwa will thrash all democratic rights of Zimbabweans to free and fair elections, while ……

    SADC looks on…………

  4. Leaders living in extreme luxury whilst voters have been subjected to live in extreme poverty….Politicians are evil…Munangangwa lied about irrigation farms in his country which is doesn’t exist…Chakwera is another pathetic liar…HH is worse than Lungu…watoloka imisu wanyanta pamafi

  5. The Veep is head of govt!! CMO should stick to national prerequisites for economic recovery. If at all CMO should start sorting-out the non-performers, zero-tolerance to hate-speech by ALL – FORWARD!!

  6. UPND is on course and in total control and I am not even one of them. We have direction now. HH please travel as much as you can if work demands so. Detractors are still bitter, so any little movement they will cry even you moving from your own sitting room to your verandah of your house if it is announced

  7. At the rate he is going, by 2026 he will have surpassed by far the number of foreign trips KK undertook in 27 years

    • Even if he surpassed KK, Mugabe, Mobutu and Amin combined in the number of foreign trips, it is okay, as long as he is going for work. It is not like he is going to some kingdom nation to watch some bare dressed ladies

  8. @FutureZed
    Yes let him enjoy…it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity….globetrotting in a private jet on taxpayers money…..very tempting…meanwhile Zambians are suffering and dying of cholera

  9. UPND and HH are all disgruntled and do not even know what they are doing. There is just no way the president can be controlling entirely everything. Decision are not being made while he is away on these numerous trips he is undertaking. The prices for commodities are skyrocketing under the influence of fuel. It is just shocking how things have turned out to be with this govt. Excuses after excuses, blaming PF for this and that. Damn the fuel has just been hiked again!

  10. Kamwendo in the hired Jet. If there is an example of a project that fails at feasibility study stage, it is this one of the so called ” New dawn” Hakainde is taking this country slowly to No where.

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