Wednesday, April 24, 2024

IBA engages media houses on new guidelines


Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Vice Board Chairperson, Victoria Mupwaya, says the authority has successfully engaged all radio and television (TV) stations on the new guidelines in the country.

Speaking during an interactive meeting with broadcasting media institutions at Urban Bliss Hotel in Kabwe, Ms Mupwaya said the purpose is to interact with the licensees on the new IBA guidelines for the enforcement and handling of compliance bleaches.

He said the guidelines have been developed in accordance with Section 5(2) of the IBA Act number 17 of 2022 which mandates the authority to set standards and licensing conditions, and enforcement compliance to these conditions.

She observed that the cited law is testimony to the important role the authority has in ensuring that the broadcasting sector is properly regulated and licensees comply with the conditions and other legal issues.

Earlier IBA Director General, Josephine Mapoma, hoped that there would not be too many non-compliance issues after interactions with broadcasting media houses throughout the country.

And IBA Standards and Consumer Affairs Officer, Stephano Mwanza, said the authority previously had no guidelines of dealing with broadcasting compliance issues.

Mr Mwanza said the authority has since established an infrastructure inspectorate unit and that inspectors have been appointed to ensure effective monitoring of broadcasting media houses in the country.


    • Tarino Orange what’s the point of reading for your exams when you know the questions will be different from what you are reading. How many times have we heard this nonsense and what have we seen,,,? These are just flowery resolutions which can only excite the naive.

  1. I agree with Tarino Orange,Josephine Mapoma’s position as IBA DG is clearly untenable,given the chaos and victimisation of independent media that Zambia witnessed under the PF rule….

    The New Dawn Government should have replaced her a long time ago as the new political dispensation was being ushered in.Nothing personal,I have known her for more 40 years.

  2. Very surprised Mapoma is still at IBA. This is the same woman, who at the instruction of then Minister of Information Dora Siliya, closed Prime TV by revocking license and Prime TV was reinstated the same day UPND were declared winner.
    If ever there was anyone who deserved to be fired.

  3. This mapoma is still there? Even after she stiffled press freedom by closing prime tv and threatening to close other tv and radio stations critical of PF ? She was supposed to have been one of the first to go. Get rid of her already!

  4. Imwe ba LT learn some basic journalism. When you have a picture caption it! Now you have confused Kaizar Zulu who thinks that picture is Josephine Mapoma.

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