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Gulfstream is a crime scene, President Hichilema will never get close to it-Thabo


The government says it considers the controversial presidential jet, the Gulfstream as a crime scene because Zambians lost millions of dollars in its procurement.

And Government has confirmed that President Hakainde Hichilema hired a private jet to attend this week’s SADC Troika summit in Namibia.

Ministry of Information Spokesperson Thabo Kawana vowed that president Hichilema will never use the Gulfstream as long as he remains Head of State.

Mr. Kawana said as far as the new dawn administration is concerned, the Gulfstream is a crime scene and that President Hichilema will never touch it.

“That Gulfstream is a crime scene and the President will never ever get close to it. Through that crime, Zambians lost millions of dollars and this is the reason we have insisted that it should be sold and proceeds returned to the Zambian people through the Treasury,” Mr Kawana said.

He was speaking on Thursday morning when he featured on Hot FM’s Hot Seat radio programme.

The Ministry of Information Spokesperson confidently revealed that there will be some arrests of key individuals connected to the procurement of the Gulfstream this month.

“We are in February, right? You will see what will happen this month, there shall be some major arrests happening this month over the same thing,” he stated.

Mr Kawana also revealed that government hired a private jet to enable President Hichilema attend a SADC Troika summit in Windhoek, Namibia.
“Yes something was paid but I don’t have the exact details,” Mr Kawana said.

He said the private jet was hired because the Presidential Challenger was in service in South Africa.

Mr. Kawana explained that the hired private jet was procured from the same entity that was servicing the Presidential Challenger.

He explained that President Hichilema had to charter a jet to get into Namibia and enable him to return to Lusaka on the same.

“Presidential travel is complex and very detailed but when you hire, the cost is reduced by far and this was a day trip so it was cost effective.”


  1. Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba has been vindicated. Summoning him to the police is a waste of time.

    New doom administration has run out of ideas. You are paying back to the people who funded upnd.

    • Waiting to see the crime committed in acquisition of the Gulfstream plane prosecuted in court. I hope there’s cogent evidence.

  2. It is possibly so but we dont want Zambians paying more for it. Its better to quickly and economically resolve the issue. As an economist HH should know that Right now by parking it we are losing money.

  3. This man you wonder whether he’s got worms in his head for brains. I’m he doesn’t even know anything involving this hot potato. He’s all mounth and no substance.

  4. Ubufi, it’s just Tonga mentality of fear of being bewitched. These Tongas are so backward. They so superstitious! Is state house also a crime scene. You are now becoming irrelevant.

  5. This government lacks principles. In Europe every thing that get confiscated due to crime factor is put on auction for interested public to buy them. Houses have been confiscated. Properties and houses have been confiscated. Where are they? Why can they not put them on auction?
    I am interested in buying this plane. Just as I showed interest in buyin the house for Lusambo and the plane for Kaizar Zulu.

  6. The big machine you bought your wlfe is the crime scene. Even after buying her that car, she will still be used by a man with a bigger machine

  7. Why did police then summon mwamba as if he was lying. He should sue them and get something for wasting his time and tarnishing his reputation because when he was summoned over the same everybody thought he was lying and therefore lost credibility.

  8. Here is this chap talking about cost effectiveness yet is more than happy to take out loan through his made up civil service role to go and buy his wife a brand new vehicle worth about $60,000. Why doesnt HH see this guy is not the right person to represent govt policy …I mean since when have Ministry of Information needed a spokesperson …there is a PS there. Why not just get rid of the useless Ministerand save some tax dollars.

    • Its a typical reward the cadre job. The PS now never says anything. The minister rarely makes press releases. Just ask yourself why does this ministry have a Minister, a PS, this Director et al just to supervise ZANIS? DeadNBC is run by a DG, Daily Mail by an Editor in Chief. I have a journalist friend in Joburg who keeps asking what democracy has a Ministry of Information/Broadcasting. Only in the Soviet Union and in China is this needed. Like the Ministry of Religious Affairs this is a superfluous ministry just eating our taxes.

  9. When in opposition Upnd used to convince people that the reason fuel was expensive in Zambia was because PF officials used to benefit from the profits. Now it’s more expensive and the explanation has shifted to Kambwili’s famous IT’S GLOBAL.

  10. We are now beginning to see patterns on how 2H is systematically destroying state property and replacing it with his private investor friends. I had hope in 2H but that appears to be diminishing by the day. What we are witnessing is a man so focused to pay back his sponsors to a point where he would do anything to please his friends.

  11. Kawana thinks selling an Aircraft is like selling cattle. As it is no one can buy that Aircraft especially that it was bought by military and also you have already painted it black. Fortunately the Zambia will always have the next president who will use it. Hiring a plane by HH was just to give business to his friends. So even State House is a crime scene? We have had a lot of arrest in the past 15 months with ZERO convictions so nothing will be new this February.

  12. A government of liars. When are you going to tell the nation the truth. You need to be sincere for once. You cannot continue telling lies at the expense of development to the nation. This is a sham of a government. What a mistake to usher in such a mediocrity!!!

  13. Yes the Jet was not bought under the rule of law, but by crookedness.
    Just us PF did not care about taking President Sata to hospital intime because they were a group of unpatriotic citizens who were just interested in money only.

  14. Waste of tax payers money having Kawana in the job that money can be used towards free education,Mr President fire this guy to fulfill your promises

  15. And I Quote: “Article 210. Public procurement and disposal of State
    1. A State organ, State institution and other public office shall procure goods or
    services, in accordance with a system that is fair, equitable, transparent,
    competitive and cost-effective, as prescribed.
    2. A major State asset shall be sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of, as
    prescribed, subject to the approval of the National Assembly signified by a vote
    of at least two-thirds of the Members of Parliament.
    3. For the purposes of this Article, “major State asset” includes a parastatal and
    equity held by the Government, as prescribed.”

    • People are criticizing HH not out of hatred but it’s because he held so much promise, so much sympathize for the poor, so much responsibility…. but it appears he’s not any of these.

  16. Zambia will never recoup the money spent on that jet…………

    Just sell the older challenger and prosecute the people who profettered……..

    Close the matter and use that newer gulf stream jet………….

  17. I have just been checking the prices for hiring jet planes: Abale!! 40,000 British pounds per hour for a Falcon 50 EX. For a VVIP or Presidential jet 100,000 pounds per hour

  18. Now I believe the narrative that HH indeed does not have depth of brains to pick his team from. Some of these explanations are just for the dull to ingest.

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