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Tayali express his relief after being released from detention


Opposition Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali has expressed his relief after being released from detention on Police Bond as he awaits court appearance.

Police in Lusaka last week on Friday January 29, 2023 arrested Mr. Tayali for the offence of Hate Speech Contrary to Section 65 of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crime Act No.2 of 2021.

Mr. Tayali, 48, of House Number 38 Ngwezi Road in Roma Township, Lusaka was on Wednesday released on Police Bond awaiting court appearance.

According to Zambia Police Service Deputy Public Relations Officer Danny Mwale, Mr Tayali’s arrest was in connection with the recent remarks he allegedly made and posted on various social media platforms where he mentioned some traditional Chiefs and some Commanders from the Defence and Security wings between January 1and 29, 2023.

Commenting on his release, Mr. Tayali said the experience in Police cells is painful and torturous regardless of how many times one has been arrested in the past.

He thanked people that advocated his release from Police detention among them Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe and PF Presidential aspirant Brian Mundubile.

“No matter how many times you have been in cells, the experience is painful and torturous, so when you come back home you feel so relieved. I am grateful to all of you who stood with me, I appreciate every comment and article written for me or indeed anything you did for me. I am exceedingly beholden to all those that braved the long distance and traffic to come and see me in cells at Westwood police station, 40Km from Force Headquarters where I was arrested. Brian Mundubile you define friendship and loyalty as it should be, you are never too big or busy to drive to wherever I am locked up. You have done this not only for me but others, as well, which shows natural leadership in you. Fred M’membe Bakalamba I am highly indebted for continuous support for justice in our Country. You have spent almost your whole life on this. I am also grateful for your compassion as well as generosity to people facing injustice. Thanks for your presence,” Mr. Tayali stated in a facebook post.

“Apostle Kunda, you are my anchor in my journey, to uplift me spiritually and physically when I find myself in difficulties. When many people are scared to come near, especially those spiritual fathers and friends, you defy the odds and come to see me. To my daughters and their only man Andy, I am grateful for always running to my aid and ensuring I am okay regardless of wherever they take me. To my wife, thank you for your support albeit your antipathy to politics, but you do it for me. I am highly indebted to you. To my lawyers, I am sincerely obliged; you fight for me inside and outside the court. I know that today you were also in court battling it out for me in the assault case which has been adjourned to 20th March,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tayali has promised to address President Hakainde Hichilema on Thursday night.

“To the police, I expressed myself to some of you directly and I will not bring it here. I also promised to keep engaging so that we have an understanding, because one day will certainly be in a position to make your life better instead of making things worse. I don’t want bitterness. To those in Government, particularly President Hakainde Hichilema, I will address you tomorrow at 20:00 HOURS,” he said.

Mr. Tayali was last November detained by Police for four days on charges of bringing the name of President Hakainde Hichilema into disrepute.

He had been arrested earlier in April and May 2022 on assorted number of charges.


  1. “…..No matter how many times you have been in cells, the experience is painful and torturous, so when you come back home you feel so relieved…..”

    Next time put him with some brutal savage inmates…………

    He won’t want to go there again……….

  2. We need that address Tayali. Will wait patiently.
    It’s difficult for praise singers to understand that you are speaking for them.

    The praise singers are voiceless but pretending to be living a good life. Continue speaking for them. HH also threatened Kambwili when you were in cells.

  3. No ba Spaka don’t be like that allow him to continue on the route he has elected…maybe one day he will learn that there are bigger things to shape and move than constantly following a path that lands you in a state hotel…you may be in opposition, in an alliance, or even alone, you can still voice your concerns as a free man..the man may have a message one never knows

  4. A functioning political illiterate never learns, thought disguised maverick rhetoric of political insults will earn him national pity. Result; caged. Police is ready to cage Tayali further after another tirade of insults this evening.

  5. This boy never learns anything..has he asked Fred Mmembe why he never gets arrested? He has lawyers and legal advisers to consult he just doesnt run his mouth or type anything!!

  6. Tayali, you need to be a bit more strategic with your mosquito bites. Not kuluma chi lume lume. We need you to offer checks and balances but at the same time avoid being emotional.

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