Irate Senga Hill residents beat up local businessman who attacked a Truck driver


Senga residents yesterday ran amok and damaged two grocery shops belonging to a local businessman only identified as Kabwaiche.

The irate residents also looted goods worth thousands of kwachas.

An eye witness who spoke on condition of anonymity said in an interview that people were incensed by the action of the business man who beat up the truck driver and his passenger who had packed at a lay-by near his shops to have lunch.

The source alleged that the businessman deflated the front tyres, and broke the car radio of the truck belonging to a named company before confiscating a document bag.

She said the behaviour exhibited by the businessman and his wife to beat up the duo and damage the truck angered the residents who resorted to looting all the goods from the two shops.

And Patrick Phiri, the truck driver, explained that he met his fate on his way from Mpulungu when he made a stopover at Senga market to have lunch in one of the restaurants.

Mr Phiri disclosed that whilst eating, he was confronted by the businessman and his wife, who ordered him to move the truck, saying it was obstructing their clients.

He said the couple dragged him from the restaurant and started beating him.

Mr Phiri narrated that he managed to flee the scene and reported the matter to the market committee, who advised him to report to the police.

And Senga Hill District Commissioner, Jestus Sikazwe condemned the act and has since appealed to people not to take the law in their hands.

Mr Sikazwe warned that the law would not take kindly to anyone found wanting.

He advised people to follow the right channel when aggrieved instead of taking the law into their hands.

The District Commissioner later held a meeting with traders, village headman, church representatives and community members at Senga market.

Efforts to get a comment from the police and the business owner filed by press time.

Calm has since returned in the area.


  1. This is the confusion pertaining under this government. People are so angrt and frustrated with poverty under upnd .
    Yes I have changed my name to reflect the level of anger I feel towards this failed upnd government experiment.

    • He’s normal but that’s how they usually behave in such communities. To own a shop in rural Zambia is like owning the whole village. They want everyone to respect them. Na Buju go to get mealie meal on nkongole from them. It’s a triumph over witchcraft to own a shop in those communities. Such behavior is common in Luapula

    • @Deja Vu, hardship can make people direct their anger at the wrong person. This Senga Hill fracas and what happened to the cops in Eastern Province is just a tip of the bigger problem, which is high cost of living. There is something big brewing in the country and the ruling party better wakeup before its too late.

  2. It seems this behavior is very common in Zambia. You hardly stand near any one selling something before you are chased, if you are not buying they will say, please mulenchinga bakastoma kwati bena nimpofu teti bamone ifilipo).

    • All the more reason why Street vendors should be removed because they are chingaling businessmen who pay levies to Council

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