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Mazabuka flood victims assured of Govt help – Vice President


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has visited families affected by floods in Mwanachingwala Ward of Magoye Constituency in Mazabuka District, with a pledge to send additional tents from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).

About 345 families in the ward were affected by floods, while 120 have been relocated to a centre at Mukuyu Primary school were 30 tents were set up to accommodate them.

Speaking when she visited the flood victims at the Centre in Mazabuka on Friday, Mrs Nalumango said DMMU was sending 50 extra tents to accommodate more families in addition to blankets, sugar, water and salt as the affected families’ belongings were submerged in water.

“We could have come earlier but we had a problem of accessibility. I have noted that so many households have been affected, livestock has been lost, infrastructure has been destroyed, crossing points, bridges, schools have had roofs blown off and some health facilities have been affected,” she said.

Mrs Nalumango said the floods were unprecedented, and Government did not foresee that so many people would be affected by the excess water.

She said Government would help all affected citizens regardless of their location and would continue mopping up resources to work on crossing points and bridges that had been affected by the flash floods.

The Vice President however, urged the local leadership to make use of the five percent component for disasters under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Earlier, Mazabuka District Commissioner Oliver Mulomba said 120 households were affected by floods in the district.

Mr Mulomba said other than the households, most of the crossing points, culverts and roads in Mwanachingwala Ward had been destroyed.

“The people in Mwanachingwala Ward are grateful for the support from DMMU but we need more help for the affected families,” he said.

And Magoye Member of Parliament, Mweemba Malambo said due to the insufficient number of tents, not all affected families were brought to the centre at Mukuyu Primary School.

Mr Malambo said the other affected families were currently squatting elsewhere.

He appealed for more tents, food and sanitation facilities for the affected families.

While in Mazabuka, Mrs Nalumango was accompanied by Southern Province Permanent Secretary Namani Moonze and she has since returned to Lusaka.


  1. They will be quick to help that region for obvious reasons. Had these floods happened in Northern or Eastern you will be left to die

    • Northern Province contributes very little to the economy, and Eastern province, but is no comparison to Southern Province in economic importance. Yet when the pygmy foreign triabalist, Simon Chabala Kafupi, masquerading under the stolen identity of Frederick Chiluba was president, his tribalist government refused to help the people of Southern province when there was a drought. The maize the produced, which at that time accounted for more than 80% of all the maize produced in the country, was used to feed the people in the area where his tribesmen lived. Chiluba shut down the dips resulting in more than 2 million cows in Southern Province dying from foot and mouth disease. There is nothing you can tell me, you tribalist looter of the national economy

  2. Im no tribalist but lets list each province what they contribute to the Economy. No.1: Northern (Copper,Mining). No.2: Southern (Maize, Beef, Tourism, Education(top schools) & Electricity),No.3: Northwestern (which will take over from the copperbelt in the next 15years to become no.1. Then we have Eastern which ussually competes with Southern on Maize production only and Western which may also take over from Southern with their Rice and the soon the world class high demanded “wheat”.

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