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Parliamentarian donates mattresses, blankets to Chaanga School


United Party for National Development (UPND) Siavonga Member of Parliament, Darius Mulunda has donated mattresses and blankets to Chaanga Combined Day School aimed at bettering the sleeping quarters for pupils.

Chaanga Combined Day School lies in the outskirts of Siavonga District off the Bottom Road and provides limited and improvised weekly boarding facilities to some girls while the rest are renting in nearby villages.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mulunda handed over the mattresses and blankets to some pupils during his visit to the school following a request that was made by both school management and parents to consider helping girls that come from far flung areas of Siavonga.

The parliamentarian disclosed that the government is in the process of upgrading the school into a fully-fledged boarding secondary school so as to enable pupils to be accommodated within their school precincts.

Mr. Mulunda further disclosed that using some money from the 2023 Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the government will build a modern dormitory with waterborne toilets and other auxiliary facilities in line with the presidential directive.

Earlier, Chaanga Secondary School Section Deputy Head teacher, Mulaka Phiri said lack of proper dormitories at the school has made it almost impossible for management to monitor the activities of the pupils especially the girls that are renting in nearby villages.

Ms. Phiri described the situation as bad as some of the girls are reportedly falling prey to manoeuvers of some unscrupulous men that are enticing them some goodies in exchange for sex.

And in a joint vote of thanks, Monde Mboyonga and Aubrey Mangwanda, commended President Hakainde Hichilema for introducing the “Free Education Policy” that has enabled pupils from poor families to access education.

The two pupils further commended President Hichilema for directing schools to ensure that no pupil sits on the floor during lessons.

The pupils pledged to work extra hard in school as a way of showing appreciation to their area member of parliament’s kind gesture of supporting them with beddings and other assorted school requirements.

Mr. Mulunda is accompanied by Siavonga Town Council Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDFC) Chairperson, Lubinda Mubiana and Mulimya Ward Councillor Sydney Simweemba.


  1. This is good news. Last time I was at this school there wasn’t electricity and learners were sharing the water well with the community and animals with no hygiene. I just couldn’t imagine how they survive without any serious outbreaks of waterborne diseases. The weather isn’t that friendly as well. I hope the announcement for plans to upgrade the school won’t end there. People are anxiously waiting for their messiah to deliver

  2. This is why I say our MPs are overpaid…I mean as an MP you can ask the school to apply for more CDF to buy those matteress and beds, as an MP you can lobby local businessmen to contribute to this cause. You call yourselves new dawn but still have the same Bowman Lusambo mindset.

    • UPND are a big dissappointment because despite fighting to become the government for 25 years they have brought no new ideas to the country. From HH downwards they all just repeat what previous failed governments used to do. Namely, 1 Kamwendo Munjila 2 Bar opposition from Radio stations, 3 Play Cat and mouse with street vendors, 4 Stare at massive mountains of Lusaka garbage 5 Promise to fix roads-when IMF money comes in. 6 Promise the fuel price will come down etc
      It just means they were just envying to be the same failures they have replaced.


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