Kambwili accuse Zambia Police of storming his residence despite assurance that he will be available for interviews on Monday


Opposition Patriotic Front (PF) presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili has accused the Zambia Police of storming his residence in Woodlands despite his lawyers informing them that he will be available for interviews on Monday 6th February, 2023. In a post on his Facebook page, Hon. Kambwili claimed that police officers from Service Headquarters arrived at his home on Friday, 4th February, 2023, despite his lawyers from Ferd Jere & Company informing the police that he will be available for the interviews on Monday.

Hon. Kambwili alleged that President Hakainde Hichilema had instructed the police to arrest him for hate speech. On Tuesday, Kambwili took to Facebook to claim that he has intelligence information that the police were instructed by the President to arrest him as hate speech is considered a serious crime. “They have been instructed by the President because he threatened me. He told me this is an offense but I never committed any offense, suffice to say this is not the first time that the President is threatening me,” Kambwili said.

“You sent me a message to say ‘you are going to find yourself in hot soup’ and ‘you will fail to come out of these problems’. Now how do we have a President who threatens citizens and when we say police are instructed from State House, people think it is a joke. What have I done to you Mr. President for you to send police officers? All the records are there. Even the police officers were being unprofessional. I know what instructions they have been given because I did find out from the system. They said ‘the instruction we have been given is to lock you up like [Chilufya] Tayali, not to give you bond and not to take you to court in time for like 10 days.’ Mr. President let me tell you I am used to this.”

Kambwili stated that he did not fear arrest. “I was arrested 16 times and every time I was arrested, I was detained not less than five days. And by the way, I have been to jail. I was in jail for 18 days on political intimidation and political persecution. I am used and for you who brought the call out, bring it tomorrow [yesterday] I will report myself. I will not be intimidated in my own country,” he said. “I will not be scared. Bring the call out or phone me, tell me where I am required because we didn’t collect the call out. So we don’t know what is there but I was told police brought a call out that I should report myself to Force Headquarters.”

Kambwili also stated that President Hichilema seems to have forgotten what they went through together while in opposition. “…even sending them messages saying ‘this is a serious offense’. Don’t try to threaten me. Nalikosa mukati na kunse (I’m strong inside out). Nalishimpula mfwayafye ukwakusha umutwe. Icibemba citili wapapa kalama (I’m on a mission and ready to take any risk. In Bemba we say you are stuck with something),” he warned. “I challenge you we will meet in court and we will see whether I have committed an offense of tribalism.”

Kambwili also announced that he will sue SMEs Minister Elias Mubanga for labelling him a tribalist. “I want to warn Mubanga, Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, today [Tuesday] I was watching you when you had the Bemba people explaining about tribalism.


  1. So where is he going to be on Monday? He has started again next you will see him fainting…this one is another big coward all talk …prisoners still talk of his weakness and cowardice whilst in prison.

  2. Why are they scared of storming my home? Because they know what awaits them. They will be met by bullets. To my brother kambwili I advise you to arm up. Get you a revolver

  3. why are the same morons in the news,,,with 20 million Zambians why do we always talk about Politicians…Mundubile this..Kambwili this..HH that…lets also talk about ordinary Zambians….it shouldn’t be Politicians every day and night….no wonder they feel big headed…Lungu did this…Lungu is going to the toilet…HH has just come from the toilet…..MORE MANAGERS AND LESS POLITICIANS IN GOVERNMENT AND PLANT MORE TREES

  4. Kaizar Zulu is the most violent migrant to Zambia at this moment. He need to be locked for years without any mercy for him. If they continue leaving him untouched, he will continue inciting violence amount indigenous Zambians. It was no problem for the police to storm Kambwili residence. Zambia is the only country in the world to tolerate such criminals and visible thieves as Chishimba Kambwili. It is the same Kaizar Zulu who opened fire at Kambwili residence a few years ago. Yet he still left untouched. Why are the government and the police scared of Kaizar Zulu. Are they afraid that he would spill the beans about all thefts and gassings.

    • Samuel Phiri – I am now suspicious about this account…why is it that you always post about KZ I wouldnt be surprised if you were the UK based troll then responding to its own posts wanting to get attention.

    • Samuel you are frustrated and obsessed. Why haven’t I been convicted? I challenge you to report me for theft since you have evidence. I have every right to self defence. If you come at me violently, do you expect me to smile at you? I will defend myself as I see fit. My guns are all licensed and legal.

  5. KikIkIkiki KZ alesabaila kwati Kambwili. When the law catches up with offenders, it makes them break into enchanters.

  6. ZP have manpower to storm Kambwili’s house but not to police our streets. Just check this:
    Israel’s Ambassador To Zambia And Zimbabwe Robbed On Street In Front Of Her Bodyguards
    Israel’s ambassador to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Botswana was mugged on a street in Lusaka last week, with the robbers getting away with her diplomatic passport, her cellphone, and some cash that was in her bag

    • Robbed in front of her bodyguards? Are these Israeli bodyguards? I highly doubt they can stand and watch as those chaps can disarm you with out you knowing why you ended up knocked out and on the floor.

  7. Pa zed napo it is talk talk talk when are we going to develop sure.God what have we done kanshi,who has bewitched this country kanshi.Do we have people who honestly think and can make things happen in terms of economic development.look at the kwacha,mealy meal,level of poverty in our country and you are there just yapping, get down to work please this is two years down the line still persecuting people.Ala insala tailolela and dont be cheated by those saying give them chance, it is because they want you to fail.Be very carefull or else your fall will be greater than you came.

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