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Let us localise disaster management response – President Hichilema


President Hakainde Hichilema says there is need to localise disasters in a bid to effectively manage them.

President Hichilema states that moving forward with guidance from experts there is need to begin declaring localised disasters in specific affected areas for quick response.

He says this way emergency response will be faster and effective hence preserving human life and property.

The Head of State says all systems of Government should not wait for a full-blown disaster before they could be attended to.

“Colleagues especially you from DMMU, let’s look at effective ways of dealing with these disasters because we can’t continue experiencing the same situations over and over again,” the Head of State said.

Meanwhile President Hichilema has directed all military and security wings to get involved in times of disasters.

“As Commander in Chief of the Defence and Security, I have directed that in times of peace, all military wings should get involved in Mitigating disasters,” directed the President.

He stated that security wings play a critical role in times of calamities hence the need to involve them at all times.

Mr Hichilema pointed out that Zambians voted for the UPND on the basis of attending to their sufferings and his administration does not take that trust and faith for granted.

President Hichilema has since assured Zambians that his administration will in the long term prioritise quality to all infrastructure installations such as bridges among them.

The President said this after conducting a physical and aerial spot check on affected flood victims in Southern and central provinces accompanied by DMMU National Coordinator Gabriel Pollen.

The Head of State has since commended the DMMU for its timely interventions in helping the affected citizens with temporary shelter, food and blankets.

The DMMU National Coordinator told the Head of State that DMMU is running a multi sectoral approach in dealing with the current Disaster.

Meanwhile Southern Province Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa also informed the Head of State that the Provincial administration is under pressure in dealing with victims of floods whose numbers keep swelling on a daily basis.

Chiefs Hamusonde, Mukobela, Choongo, Mwanachingwala and Hajalika all commended the government for responding effectively to the disaster at hand.

The traditional rulers have meanwhile called on President Hichilema to consider them with relief food saying they have lost all their crops due to the floods.

The President visited Chiwena bridge in Mumbwa district of Southern province which was cut off by heavy rains 3 weeks ago and is being worked on by the ZNS.

The Head of State also visited flood victims camped at Magoye camp in Magoye district, Namwala Airstrip Camp, Natumba camp, Nachumba and Mbeza camp all situated in Namwala district.


  1. Everytime I read a news report by Zambian journalists I get more confused. “to localise disasters in a bid to effectively manage them.”
    What does this mean? After reading it once I expect an explanation in the next sentence but it just presents more jargon

  2. Why are you telling us? Call your government officials and tell them that. Do we need to know every single thought of yours? All we want are outcomes. Chapwa

  3. That’s the right call Bwana HH but lets not do it like the 33 used fire engines procured by PF with avenues for corruption.

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