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Minister of Infrastructure Reassures Luapula Province on Road Projects, Promises to Fulfill Previous Administration’s Commitments


On Sunday, the Minister of Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development and the Chairperson of the UPND Alliance, Mr Charles Milupi, carried out an inspection tour of road infrastructure in Luapula Province. During the tour, the delegation visited Chief Mulundu, Chief Kashiba, and Senior Chief Mwata Kazembe to discuss the current state of the Mansa-Kashikishi road and other related matters.

At each of the visits, the complaint about the poor condition of the Mansa-Kashikishi road was the same, with Mwata Kazembe warning that the province could be cut off from the rest of the country if nothing was done. In response, Mr Milupi assured the chiefs that no project started by the previous administration (PF) had been cancelled. He explained that only contracts that were procured without any available funding had been cancelled, and some of the contracts, especially those procured at high costs, would be cancelled or have their contractual terms revised.

Mr Milupi emphasized that government was about continuity and that they would continue with the good projects started by the previous administration, regardless of who initiated them. He further assured the chiefs that the New Dawn administration would fulfill the promise made by the previous administration to pave the Umutomboko Ceremony arena in Mwansabombwe and complete the district administration offices.

In conclusion, Mr Milupi stated that the main focus of the New Dawn administration was to help the local people and that they would not cancel any project that would benefit the citizens.


  1. Talk is cheap ba Milupi; it’s about time you started delivering. Tour after tour after tour – without accompanying implementation has become a boring and annoying song.

    Where is the schedule of works?

  2. More promises what has changed for you people to call the PF projects as good projects, a cancelled contract meaning moneys has to be paid in full even when the job was not done or done half way,

  3. Minister of Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development and the Chairperson of the UPND Alliance,
    Fake ministry. What does it do? Dont we already have ministries that do same stuff?

  4. Minister of Infrastructure, Housing & Urban Development
    Doesnt the country need a Minister of Infrastructure, Housing & rural Development?

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