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US Under Secretary’s Visit to Africa Mining Indaba Called a Bid for Control Over Critical Minerals by Zambian Socialist Party Presiden


The President of the Socialist Party in Zambia, Dr. Fred M’membe, has issued a press statement regarding the visit of the US Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, Jose W. Fernandez, to Cape Town, South Africa. The Under Secretary is visiting Cape Town to deliver a keynote address at the Investing in Africa Mining Indaba, which is Africa’s largest mining investment conference.

In the press statement, Dr. M’membe stated, “Our view is that this is not a visit of solidarity with African peoples but one of trying to gain total control, monopoly, over Africa’s critical minerals to the exclusion or marginalization of others like China, Russia, and India.” The statement went on to explain that the US wants to have monopoly over the entire value chain of Africa’s critical minerals and counter China’s growing presence on the African continent.

Dr. M’membe went on to say, “The visit of the US Under Secretary just shows how desperate the USA is when it comes to securing Africa’s critical mineral resources. For some time, the USA was preoccupied with the Middle East to secure oil for its economy. Now, with the movement by many countries towards electric vehicles, the USA is desperate to have a grip on Africa’s critical mineral resources.” The statement pointed out that the recently signed memorandum of understanding between the USA, Congo, and Zambia is just one of the instruments put in place by the US to ensure its dominance.

In addition, Dr. M’membe believes that the US is using the Mining Indaba as an opportunity to provide political, moral, and business support for its mining transnational corporations on the African continent. He stated, “The visit is also a desperate attempt to pressure South Africa – a BRICS member – to avoid Russia and China. The three BRICS nations are scheduled to hold joint military drills off the coast of Durban from February 24. The USA has not hidden its displeasure and this visit may be used to further exert pressure on South Africa.”

Dr. M’membe’s press statement reflects a view that the visit of the US Under Secretary is not driven by a desire to support African peoples but rather a bid to gain control over Africa’s critical mineral resources. The statement suggests that the US wants to have a greater input and influence over the mining agenda in Africa and counter China’s growing presence on the African continent.


  1. You are only stating the obvious!!! Have you only now realised how the world works? Every power is seeking to dominate access to valuable resources. If it isn’t USA it is China or Russia or some Western nation. They are all looking out for their own interests. We should be doing the same by figuring out how we can maneuver through this quagmire to get the best deals for ourselves – not sticking to worn out ideological rhetoric that won’t pay any bills!

    • Spot on. Since when is M’Membe a communist? He is a capitalist through and through – the post, the shafting of workers etc so do not pretend. Just like M’Membe who is self – centred, we in Africa must get the best deal for us whoever it is.
      You know the biggest irony of the low minded M’Membe? the biggest investors in Europe and US as foreigners are China and Russia – so ? who is who – they are all friends but above all they are business oriented.
      Stop this anti Global crap

  2. What does this man go on about.
    Africans have the right to do business with who ever they want.
    Why is he so beholden to the Russian and the Chinese.

  3. This guy is really obsessed against the USA, ka! I wish he was obsessed against all foreigners/foreign investors.

    Zambia should deal with all investors, not just Chinese and Russians as M’membe would like.

    • This man is not a politican just a fraud…just like when he was an Editor for his paper with no journalist background but used the editorial to attack his enemies…this is why politicans detest the man!!

  4. “…..Our view is that this is not a visit of solidarity with African peoples but one of trying to gain total control, monopoly, over Africa’s critical minerals to the exclusion or marginalization of others like China, Russia, and India……”

    If you are du.ll and slow, that will happen as……..

    In any business, you snooz , you lose…….

  5. Politics to Mmembe is about settling score just like he used The Post Newspaper….socialism is just a fashion tag to this rich man!!

  6. What about the country’s gold which is being mined in a way that does not benefit Zambia? Why’s this not attracting Fred M’membe’s attention?

  7. That dominance isn’t with the full collaboration of the dominated. How did the tiger economies manage to rid themselves of US, Russian or Chinese influence? It’s simple. Their leaders and people made important decisions for themselves. They weren’t shy or afraid to face their problems and deal with them. Here many Zambians have had their mining licenses canceled and those that persist are told they don’t have the capacity. What kind of capacity? That’s the problem when you have leaders that think the only way they can make money is through government contracts. Remove govt tenders from their businesses and they’ll collapse in no time.

  8. Zambia was not the host of the Cape Town mining conference and therefore not responsible for sending invitations. The Chinese, Russians and Indians hv diplomatic representation in South Africa and are also partners with the host country in a new partnership grouping Brazil, China, Russia and India. These are strong countries that know hw to look after their interests.

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