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Food Reserve Agency Terminates Executive Director’s Contract: Controversy and Criticism Follow


The termination of the contract of the Executive Director of the Food Reserve Agency (FRA), Dr Chola Kafwabulula, has generated controversy, with the opposition Economic Front Party (EP) criticizing the FRA Board Chairman, Kelvin Hambwezya.

In a statement, the EP Chairperson for Information and Media, Fewdays Nsensema, expressed his disappointment with Mr. Hambwezya’s recent statement that Zambians should not rely solely on nsima, which is the country’s staple food. According to Mr. Nsensema, each country has its own traditional staple food and it is unacceptable for the FRA board chairman to suggest that Zambians abandon their cultural cuisine.

Mr. Nsensema also accused the UPND government of mismanaging the maize stock in the country, leading to an increase in mealie meal prices. He called on the UPND government to immediately suspend maize and mealie meal exports and for UPND and government officials to stop making irresponsible statements that are causing frustration among Zambians.

Meanwhile, the termination of Dr Kafwabulula’s contract and the appointment of Mwansa Chamatete as the Acting Executive Director have been met with mixed reactions. Some have praised the move as a step in the right direction towards improving the performance of the FRA, while others have expressed concern over the impact it may have on the stability of the agency.

The Food Reserve Agency is a crucial organization responsible for procuring, storing and managing the country’s food reserves. It plays a critical role in ensuring food security and stability in Zambia. However, the agency has been facing various challenges over the years, including inadequate funding and mismanagement.

The termination of Dr Kafwabulula’s contract and the appointment of Mr. Chamatete as the Acting Executive Director are seen as an attempt to address these challenges and improve the performance of the FRA. The Board has a significant task ahead of them, but with hard work and dedication, they can make the necessary changes to improve the agency’s operations and deliver on its mandate.

The termination of Dr Chola Kafwabulula’s contract and the appointment of Mwansa Chamatete as the Acting Executive Director of the Food Reserve Agency have generated both support and criticism. While the EP has condemned the FRA Board Chairman’s statement, others have praised the move as a step towards improving the performance of the agency. The food security and stability of Zambia are of critical importance, and it is up to the FRA Board and the Acting Executive Director to work together to deliver on their responsibilities and ensure that the agency operates effectively.


  1. So the Acting director is Bemba so far…
    So many “Acting”, until someone with appropriate name is appointed.

  2. Why has the FRA not been ensuring that there was uninterrupted supply of maize to the milling industry? Why should it take a meeting for the FRA to do what should be the tailend process for their existence?

  3. The board chairperson of FRA has no education or experience in food production anything related to business management. He is a a cadre, and cadres make irrational decisions.
    The UPND gov allowed exportation of a national security product, maize. Why HH’s approach to gvrnce is purely business should be concerning. He allowed exports and the commodity price went up.
    Firing isn’t a solution. HH needs to stop exportation of maize, considering his government’s ‘cost saving’ approach to fertilizer distribution which will affect the yield this year.

  4. This was a contract job so no issue here. Perpetuity in positions breeds organizational stagnation. This guy is educated and will find other opportunities.

  5. Sometimes these brief case parties just criticise I mean what is wrong with stating that Zambia should not be solely relying on Nsima…its a food secruity risk to continue doing so look at our brothers and sisters in West Africa they have rice and fofo which can made from millet, maize, cassava etc….we need to diversify.

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