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Junkie Attacks Alarm Mongu Residents: Dr Fred M’membe Calls for Urgent Action


Dr Fred M’membe, the President of the Socialist Party, has issued a statement addressing the growing concern over junkie attacks in the city of Mongu. In his statement, Dr M’membe emphasizes the urgency of the issue, calling on the government and police to pay close attention to the situation.

“The cries of Mongu residents over increasing attacks by Junkies are getting louder and louder but no one seems to be responding,” said Dr M’membe. “Over the past two weeks, I have been asked to say or do something about it by some journalists, church leaders, and other concerned residents of Mongu.”

Dr M’membe goes on to explain that he is usually very reluctant to respond or say something about issues or processes that he is not very clear about. However, he is now convinced that there is a very serious problem of Junkies attacking innocent Mongu residents that requires urgent attention.

“Today, a journalist friend of mine in Mongu sent me this message accompanied by the video below: ‘We should not wait until when a child or close relative of those in security wings or authority are affected to act. The situation has been watched to reach this far, now that it’s country-wide, it might be a mountain to climb to deal with it,'” Dr M’membe said.

The brazen increase in the number of attacks of Mongu residents by Junkies means that the government and police must urgently pay a lot of attention to this. Dr M’membe explains that the spate of junkie attacks in broad daylight has definitely alarmed Mongu residents.

“And it is not only the count which is climbing recently but the brutality and violence quotient involved in each incident. Clearly, there is no fear of the law,” he said.

In the discussions about rising crime levels in the country, there is an immovable fact, according to Dr M’membe. “Politicians, in times of increased criminal activity, must be seen to have a stamp on the situation,” he said. “Leaders must lead. Should a leader stay silent when various elements of the society, to include also the clergy, are expressing alarm at rising crime levels?”

Dr M’membe believes that in times of great national challenge, leaders must speak and give reassurance that they are making all moves to calm unsettled nerves. “Should a society unnerved by rising crime levels have to wonder where do their leaders stand on the criminal elements now more prevalent within the country?” he asked.

Working in tandem – the church, police, and all other elements of society have to come together and fashion an approach towards combating this rising crime, according to Dr M’membe. “The church, police, and all other elements of society must come together and fashion an approach that will effectively address the issue,” he said.

The statement by Dr M’membe comes as a response to the growing concern among Mongu residents over the rising number of junkie attacks in their city. The increasing violence and brutality involved in these attacks has raised alarm bells among the residents and the broader community.

Dr M’membe’s statement highlights the importance of addressing the rising crime levels in Zambia and the need for a collaborative effort by all elements of society to combat the issue. “In times of great national challenge, leaders must lead, the church, police, and all other elements of society must come together, and we must all work towards combating this rising crime,” he said.


  1. The conduct of our security experts has been a source of concern. There’s simply no proactivity on their part. These junkies are essentially gangs of youths failing to find something useful to do and are now taking drugs. If these junkies somehow acquire firearms and their numbers continue increasing , they can become a militia that can challenge official security forces. That’s how bad it can get. A properly-trained security expert serving in government should not fail to grasp this short and simple cause and effect analysis.

  2. Junkie is not a common word in Zambia so a communicator knows that you just dont introduce it without definition. The writer mentions junkie attacks without elaborating how. He leaves ithanging. Are these junkie attacks involuntary seizures or are junkies attacking people? How? Please improve on your writing

  3. Brother M’membe, you have become a liability to Zambia’s development efforts because of your Socialist Party and Winter Kabimba’s Rainbow Party. Investors are reluctant to invest their capital in the country for fear that their investments will be nationalized or expropriated if you or Kabimba take over the running of government.

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