What I said on the Price of Mealie Meal-Nevers Mumba




  1. When you have been Vice President and High Commissioner…the pulpit is no longer appealing as a form five drop out the most you can do is look for a job…he joined the lobby with the hope of getting a mutati but alas it hasn’t happened…if each time you speak you have clarify what you said know something is seriously wrong…besides you had your chance you spurned it…

  2. Even dinousors give way to other new things. Please Pastor give chance to other peoplee to try and build MMD. You have failed miserably. You may have been a a vice president by default but you were not as popular as you thought. Pkease let MMD breath fresh air.

  3. Does Dr Nevers Mumba that the price of fertilizer has almost doubled by Nyudoni govt? This is what has pushed the price of maize and consequently the price of mealie-meal. coupled with that is the hike in the price of fuel which is a major input in the movement of the commodity from one place to the other.

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