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Former President is not under house arrest and should be allowed to make public appearances


Former Republican President Edgar Lungu’s public appearances have sparked controversy among Zambian political parties, with the United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary-General, Batuke Imenda, calling on Mr. Lungu to refrain from making public appearances as if he is still in active politics.

In response, the Patriotic Front (PF) Copperbelt media director, Munalula Moola, claimed that Mr. Lungu was not under house arrest and should be allowed to make public appearances. Moola accused the UPND of being unsettled and panicked whenever Mr. Lungu appeared in public, claiming that the former president was loved and popular among Zambians. He criticized the UPND’s leadership, stating that they were weak and mediocre, and argued that they would not feel threatened by Mr. Lungu’s public appearances if they had a strong and popular leader.

“The UPND is just scared of Lungu’s popularity. They know he is still a force to be reckoned with in Zambian politics, and they are trying to silence him. They are just trying to create unnecessary tension and panic among Zambians,” Moola said.

However, the UPND’s concerns about Mr. Lungu’s public appearances have raised questions about the former president’s role in Zambian politics. Some have accused Mr. Lungu of attempting to undermine the UPND’s government and inciting unrest among his supporters. Others have defended Mr. Lungu’s right to make public appearances, arguing that he is entitled to express his opinions and engage with the public.

“The UPND’s concerns are legitimate. Mr. Lungu is no longer the president of Zambia, and he should respect the democratic process that brought the UPND to power. He should not behave as if he is still in charge of the country,” said political analyst, Ngande Mwanajiti.

Mr. Lungu’s public appearances have been a contentious issue since he lost the August 2021 presidential election to UPND candidate Hakainde Hichilema. Although he initially refused to accept the election results, Mr. Lungu later conceded defeat and pledged to support Mr. Hichilema’s government. However, some of Mr. Lungu’s supporters have criticized the UPND’s policies and accused the party of marginalizing them.

“The UPND government is neglecting the needs of the people. Mr. Lungu has a right to voice his concerns about the government’s policies and engage with the public. The UPND should not try to silence him,” said PF member of parliament, Mutotwe Kafwaya.

The controversy surrounding Mr. Lungu’s public appearances reflects the deep divisions that exist within Zambian politics. The UPND’s victory in the August 2021 election marked a significant shift in Zambian politics, with many hoping that it would usher in a new era of stability and prosperity. However, the continued tensions between Mr. Lungu’s supporters and the UPND suggest that the transition to a new government may not be as smooth as some had hoped.

“The UPND has a responsibility to govern the country in a transparent and accountable manner. Mr. Lungu should respect the democratic process and allow the UPND to implement their policies without interference. Both parties should work together for the good of the country,” said political commentator, Mwamba Mulenga.

In the meantime, Zambians are left to grapple with the legacy of Mr. Lungu’s presidency and the challenges facing the country. With high levels of poverty, unemployment, and debt, many are hoping that the new government will be able to implement policies that will address these issues and bring about positive change. However, the continued tensions between political parties suggest that the road ahead may be long and difficult.


  1. The thieves could have actually gone straight to look underbid maatress. That is where such guys hide millions of dollars like what had happened in South Africa. President Ramaphosa was also found with millions under his matress.

  2. Hakainde ascended to power thru lies. Upnd is afraid of Edgar. Let him make public appearances, he is an ordinary Zambian.

    Umwenso ba upnd!! Ubufi bubi sana mwamona nomba you are even afraid of Edgar

  3. Liers and cheaters always make it by promising and cheating people. The same people line up at airports to dance for these crooks.

  4. Anyone who attacks my father and humble president will need to pass through me. I will attack anyone who attacks my father ecl. I will rip out your throat and feed it to dogs. Try me you cows

  5. The man has nothing to sensible say…what can Lazy Lungu say look at the state of him he can not look after himself!!

  6. Whilsy majority wanted Lungu out and did so by voting him out, we cannot be blind to the fact he had a million people who still wanted him as president.
    It follows therefore that he will always have his own praise singers whenever he goes.
    It is common sense and maturity to let him and his supporters make some noise, hopefully they won’t arrest people around him for unlawful assembly.

    • @Deja Vu, it’s not so far fetched really. Since he has immunity they will go for people around him. The head of the police was publicity exchanging words and warnings to Kambwili recently. Nothing is beyond that guy.

  7. Like him or hate him, ECL has a right to freedom of movement. He also has a right to express his opinion on political issues and how the country is being governed. If you can prove that he stole the country’s resources, do it and arrest him. I agree his administration was corrupt. But you guys have failed to prove it. What a shame.

  8. Imenda must be unsettled by the rising cost of mealie meal, the decaying Kwacha not Edgar Lungu. HH has the army ZP etc and Lungu as an ordinary citizen hasn’t these so why should Imenda make it a preoccupation each time Lungu tries to catch some sunshine?

  9. kkkkkkkk kwena ba Imenda are you serious with your kind of politicts,mmmmm you dont want the X- president to be appearing in public are you honestly serious are things ok.KKKK mmmmmm never heard of such.Can we be serious and develop this country and stop hiding walk the talk.Why are you afraid of Lungu,every one from upnd is afraid of Mr Lungu,Why? kkkkkkkk oooook zakana ma days.Just bring down the cost of doing business in the country.Other wise you have let down the zambians in a shortest possible time.Be organised and have cordination among yourselves Ba Imenda stop showing imaturity.

  10. Imenda Batuke(insult them?) Lungu cannot stand as president because the constitution bars him…. last time he managed because of our rotten judiciary which I am afraid is now becoming more rotten. So even if crowds gather in millions around him, he’s no factor at all. Just enjoy the fruits of your party’s election victory in peace.

    • According to the constitutional court ruling, he can stand since his first term ‘doesn’t count’. He apparently never held office, was never sworn in twice and thus he appeared on the ballot a third time despite ‘winning’ two elections.
      As to whether he should stand again, I urge him and his supporters to forego that idea.

  11. The real thieves are in Govt, don’t look any further. They are busy influencing tender awards to themselves and their cronies

  12. @ Miles Dingani above, wait till you have a child that looks like that then you’ll learn to respect the way people are born. Very uncultured comment.

    • It will be worse for him… at least Edgar is normal, did university and became president…his will be a special needs offspring.

  13. @”Samuel Phiri”, you are NOT an Easterner, but you are actually a “T-WOLF” hidden under a sheep’s skin. Who directed this ichipuba Samuel Phiri to draw a descent South African President Ramaphosa (a surviving Mandela disciple) into the dirty political mud prevailing in Zambia? Ramaphosa has tolerated strange careless public criticisms on him by former Presidents Mbeki, Zuma and Motlanthe but opted to focus on resolving South Africa’s wellbeing. Phala Phala “farm-saga” was raised by Zuma’s agents as a ploy to prevent Ramaphosa’s re-election as ANC President. STOP destroying Zambia’s good diplomatic ties with other African States.

  14. The ANC, as a ruling Party in South Africa, has demonstrated a belief in the essence of democracy by not preventing former Presidents Mbeki, Motlanthe & Zuma to speak their minds in public platforms. Besides, the Zondo Commission of Inquiry was established to investigate Zuma who connived with the Guptas to cream-off South Africa’s finances – leading to the destruction of the country’s economy. Zambians fear some foreign mining entrepreneurs may soon GUPTALISE our national economic life-lines.

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