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Kamwala South Floods: Lusaka City Council, DMMU and ZNS Team Up to Mitigate Effects”


The flash floods in Kamwala South have taken their toll on the residents of the area. For many, the floods have caused damage to their homes and properties, making life even more challenging in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the Local Authority is doing its best to manage the situation, as Public Relations Manager Chola Mwamba explains:

“As an immediate response to the floods in Kamwala South, Lusaka City Council through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) has engaged the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to construct an Earth drain that will mitigate flood effects.”

According to Mwamba, managing storm water run off is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking. Therefore, the Local Authority is urging residents of Kamwala South to remain patient while the situation is being addressed.

“Storm water run off management is a complex process, but we are doing everything we can to manage the situation. We urge the residents of Kamwala South to be patient and to work with us as we continue to find a sustainable solution to this problem.”

The Local Authority is also on the verge of setting up a sustainable option to manage storm water run off in future. This will involve extending the Bombay drainage system to Kamulanga area and other unplanned settlements in the district. This is a positive development that will help to prevent similar flooding in the future.

However, the Local Authority also wants to remind residents of their role in managing the situation. Chola Mwamba warns that throwing garbage in the inspection chambers and drainages can block the smooth flow of water, worsening the flooding situation:

“We also wish to advise residents of Kamwala South to desist from throwing garbage in the inspection chambers and drainages as this blocks the smooth flow of water. It’s important that we all take responsibility for our actions and work together to manage this situation.”

For the residents of Kamwala South, the flooding has been a difficult experience. However, they are grateful for the efforts of the Local Authority, the DMMU and the ZNS in managing the situation. One resident, Chanda Mbewe, says:

“We are really grateful to the Local Authority for their efforts to manage this situation. The flash floods have been a real challenge for us, but we know that they are doing everything they can to help us. We are thankful for their efforts and are willing to work with them to find a long-term solution to this problem.”

Another resident, Michael Mulenga, adds:

“It’s been a tough time for us, but we are confident that the Local Authority is doing everything they can to manage the situation. We appreciate their efforts and are hopeful that this situation will be resolved soon.”

Overall, the situation in Kamwala South is a reminder of the challenges that many communities face during the rainy season. However, with the efforts of the Local Authority and the support of the residents, there is hope for a sustainable solution to this problem.


  1. This is teaching us a very good lesson. Residential area development has to be expertly planned. Secondly, I hope the government will now start imposing fines on people who throw solid rubbish anyhow, including from car windows.

    • Allocation of plots being decided by party carders who have not studied urban and regional planning and without the involvement of engineers and without the involvement of other allied professionals is the direct result of what we are experiencing. The current government should ensure party carders are not involved in plot allocation.

  2. Meanwhile hh is busy paying university students at cbu to cheer for him on camera while the country sinks in upnd faeces

    • On BC the PF have been beaten pants down. Sometimes keeping quit is good especially where you know you were wrong. Mr. Luo must be cursing like no woman’s business.

  3. This is the work that ZNS should hv been doing instead of growing vegetables, raring chickens which competes with small-scale farmers.

  4. The disaster of national floods is in part blamed on account of PF regime that allocated residential plots without planning. PF cadres were busy allocating plots along the roads designated places, blocked railway lines and even built on top of sewer points, drainage points leaving rain water to flow no where hence floods everywhere. These are the effects of bad governance where councils functions ceased to exist as cadres took over. Political cadres are a menace to national development and citizens express it through their vote. Evidence election results of August 2021.

  5. To say the truth ,this is the first time I have seen such flood in Kamwala south. I had relatives living in Kamwala south for some years. It would be a story to be told for years.

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