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Sulphur turns into People: A Miracle or Just a Bad Chemical Reaction?” – Authorities Stunned!


Police in Shiwang’andu District have intercepted a Tanzanian registered truck and trailer carrying sulphur and apprehended 15 illegal immigrants on board. The suspects, all males aged between 17 and 28, are believed to be Ethiopians and one Somali.

“The interception of this truck and trailer is a significant achievement in our efforts to ensure the security of our borders,” said Danny Mwale, the Deputy Police Public Relations Officer. “This is yet another example of how the police are working tirelessly to prevent illegal immigration into Zambia.”

The truck and trailer with registration numbers T636 DVR and T565 DVP respectively were intercepted on February 19, 2023, at around 10:30 hours at Chiseko village area in Shiwang’andu District along the Great North Road. Police officers were on patrol when they noticed a person peeping under a tent on the truck, prompting them to stop the vehicle and conduct a search.

“The police officers were vigilant and alert to the possibility of illegal immigrants being smuggled in the truck,” said Mwale. “Their quick thinking and decisive action led to the arrest of these individuals and the seizure of the truck and trailer.”

Upon conducting the search, the police discovered 15 people believed to be illegal immigrants, who were immediately taken into custody. The driver of the truck, Muhammad Juma Lango, aged 37, and his co-driver, Shabani Issa, aged 30, both from Dar-es-salaam in Tanzania, were also detained, and the truck was impounded.

“We will continue to work with our partners to address the challenges of illegal immigration and human trafficking in Zambia,” said Mwale. “We are calling on members of the public to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity or individuals to the authorities to help us in our efforts to combat this problem.”

The Department of Immigration in Chinsali has been notified of the incident, and investigations are ongoing. The police have reiterated their commitment to ensuring that Zambia’s borders remain secure and free from illegal immigration.

This incident highlights the ongoing challenges of illegal immigration in Zambia, and it underscores the need for a comprehensive and coordinated approach to tackling the issue. The police are urging the public to report any suspicious activity or individuals to the authorities to help curb illegal immigration. “We need the support of the public to help us in our efforts to keep our borders safe,” said Mwale


  1. The police “alertness” is mainly for cashing in. They only arrest those who are unable to be shaken down. How I wish the whole bunch of police was disbanded and replaced with new ones, as the current crop looks unredeemable.


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