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Kabushi will remain a zone of handouts if they continue mixing politics and development, warns area MP


UPND Kabushi Member of Parliament Bernard Kanengo has warned people in the constituency that the area will remain a zone of handouts if they continue mixing politics and development.

Immediate past Kabushi Member of Parliament Bowman Lusambo was well known for making donations ‘handouts’ in the constituency during his tenure.

Mr. Kanengo succeeded Mr. Lusambo as Kabushi lawmaker in a controversial parliamentary by-election last October in which the former Lusaka Province Minister was barred from contesting by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Speaking during the official commissioning of the Kabushi Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects at Kabushi Primary School on Monday, Mr. Kanengo said people in the constituency should avoid mixing politics and development.

The MP said he was aware that some leaders of Kabushi CDF and Ward Development committees were trying to play politics in the constituency.

“To the ward development committee chairmen in Kabushi Constituency, this message also goes to the CDF chairman. The WDC chairmen are there to serve the community. If you are interested in politics it is better you resign and join the politicians. I know some of my councilors are complaining that the WDC chairmen are challenging them that they will contest in 2026. When we bring politics into development, Kabushi will not change (improve). Kabushi Constituency will remain the way it was; it will remain the zone of handouts but not development. To the CDF chairman my word is that you should not bring politics into the CDF. This money belongs to the people of Kabushi, no political affiliation. This money does not only belong to the people of Kabushi, it also belongs to any person whose political affiliation is different from ours,” Mr. Kanengo said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kanengo said the New Dawn Government is determined to ensure that Constituency Development Fund (CDF) benefits the people as intended by President Hakainde Hichilema when increasing the allocation.

He said CDF should address people’s challenges relating to development such as expanded school infrastructure, good roads and enhanced access to water.

Mr. Kanengo said he was hoping that the 2022 CDF grants will respond to cries of the people of Kabushi Constituency.

“These funds (CDF) have been allocated to respond to the cries of the people of Kabushi. This is in line with the aspiration of His Excellency the President of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, who has made it a point to all of us leaders to ensure that CDF addresses the challenges that people are facing in the constituency. We are all witnesses to the CDF at work and I want to assure you that the UPND government is determined that the CDF succeeds,” Mr. Kanengo said.

He named the CDF projects earmarked for Kabushi as graveling of roads in all the wards, procurement of light trucks for waste collection and expansion of school infrastructure.

The lawmaker revealed that K2, 000, 000 has been reserved to procure trucks for cabbage collection in the 2022 CDF in Kabushi Constituency.

He cautioned Ndola City Council against abusing the vehicle procured using CDF to be used in monitoring projects, which was handed over during the commissioning ceremony.

“The CDF projects being implemented in Kabushi Constituency include the completion of the 1 by 3 classroom block at Masala Primary School in Mine Masala. Re-graveling of our roads in the constituency in all the wards. These include Kabushi Ward, Mukuba Ward, Kabushi Ward, Toka Ward, Skyways Ward and not all the roads will be re-graveled some of them will be upgraded to bituminous standard and other roads will be paved. The other projects are completing the Kabushi Extension and Mukuba Police Posts, construction of classroom blocks everywhere in Kabushi Constituency. Not only that, after building schools, these projects will be running parallel with procurement of desks,” Mr. Kanengo said.


  1. Shouldn’t this money just be given to Local Councils to deliver services to their areas? It seems to me that the CDF is politicised anyway. Expenditure seems unplanned. We need to build capacity in the local councils to enable them to deliver services such as garbage collection – the way it used to be in the early 70’s.

  2. Kabushi Constituency should just buy CDF development programs or will indeed remain a zone of hand-outs. Change has arrived in Kabushi and those who used to steal and boast of hand-outs are now in courts to reprieve themselves from shameful thefts they stole from Zambians.

  3. Lusambo was corrupt. And each time surrounded by Chinese. What do you expect from such a thief to do with so much money. Just give it freely to the poor in Kabushi to buy votes.

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