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No, I am not joining the Government – Sishuwa


Historian and University of Zambia lecturer Sishuwa Sishuwa has dismissed speculation that he is joining the Government. 

Yesterday, the leading private newspaper News Diggers reported that Dr Sishuwa left UNZA last month.
The newspaper quoted a source in the university’s management who sought anonymity saying “Yes, he has resigned, but did not provide a reason. The rumours are that he will be taking up [a] government appointment or has been poached by another university outside the country. This is a loss to UNZA. Our interest is to retain the best academic staff in different fields. Zambians know Dr Sishuwa for ruffing politicians’ feathers, but he also publishes in leading scholarly journals and writes for local and international media. These are the things that help to raise the standing and ranking of universities. So, the exit of such skilled academics like the young man is not good for the university,” the source said.
Speculation consequently intensified on social media that he was earmarked for appointment into the New Dawn government.

Since the 12 August 2021 election, several civil society activists who checked the power of the PF have abandoned their careers for a lucrative government jobs.

But in a brief tweet yesterday, Dr Sishuwa dismissed the claims as untrue. 

“Yes, I have resigned from the University of Zambia. No, I am not joining the Government”, Dr Sishuwa tweeted.


  1. It’s good that Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa has clarified the rumour that he was joining government. I was personally surprised myself to hear that he was joining government. Wherever he’s going, I wish him all the best.

  2. It was going to be a disaster for democracy. We’re losing the fight for democracy because the people who criticize sitting governments do it with a view of being “silenced” with a government position.

  3. The govt must have forced him to resign or what we call “Constructive Dismissal” by making his work environment unbearable. Bally has demonstrated that he’s more intolerable to criticism than Edgar Lungu was. I wish Dr Shishuwa all the best in his future endeavors.

    • HH is too busy running Zambia to be bothered about sacking Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa. It’s in fact PF who had him disowned by UNZA whn they were in government. Sishuwa is too enlightened to be sacked like that. He would hv fought back. He’s just leaving for greener pastures but will return to UNZA in future.

  4. If only it was under PF regime, we wouldn’t have known about Sishuwa Sishuwa. He has demonstrated to what it takes for a free voice to speak to truth to the face of power – not a dint of freedom can be plucked from the conscious of an intellectual such as Dr. Sishuwa Sishuwa. Wish one of Zambia’s young intelligent academician all the best. Freedom has won, Zambia has lost.

  5. That is what they all say No am not joining boma, the goodness with appointed jobs they are all in public when the appointments are done. we have seen the so called motivational speakers, human rights activities all saying we cant take up government jobs but what we see is the opposite. so its like what ever they do is positioning them selves for jobs in government not really standing for the voiceless.

  6. If it is true and he joins the govt then what happens in the case that upnd is out the system,what will happen to him.Thats why even Pilato should have waited for some time but you ka nyemba nako can not wait.

  7. Story goes he is going into business with a regular lusakatimes blogger who became a multi $ millionaire from bitcoin………..

  8. The only voice of reason in Zambia, has been for a long time since the PF days. Would be sad to lose him to some govt portfolio where he would tow the party line. If he’s going to another university, good for him and good luck to him.

    • John Sangwa? Telesphore Mpundu? Brenbnar Changala? Chiza Chirwa? Maiko Zulu? B-Flow? Queen Phumie? Tarino? Ayatollah? Deja Vu?
      Please don’t disregard some of us who spoke out against illegalities in PF and continue to do so now.

  9. It’s good that he is not joining government. We need somebody to give checks and balances to grz without politicking like opposition parties. Look at pilato now he is as quiet as a mouse after appointment. At least Laura miti still points out some wrongs here and there.

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