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Chama Tells Sampa to Take Chainama Case to Chainama


Patriotic Front (PF) National Chairperson Davies Chama has criticized Miles Sampa, another member of the PF party, for his recent actions and advised him to take his issues to Chainama if he had a “Chainama case.” The statement has sparked controversy and speculation about the nature of the conflict between the two party members.

Sampa had written a letter to the Registrar of Societies, requesting the office to compel the PF to hold a general conference within seven days. However, Chama expressed his dissatisfaction with Sampa’s actions, calling them “misguided” and “childish.” He also disagreed with Sampa’s request for a conference within seven days, although the statement did not provide any additional details on why he disagreed with it or what steps the PF will take in response to Sampa’s letter.

The reference to a “Chainama case” in Chama’s statement has caused confusion and speculation about its meaning. Some have speculated that it may refer to a specific issue or incident that occurred at Chainama, a mental health institution in Zambia. However, without further information from Chama or Sampa, it is difficult to determine what the reference means or its significance.

The controversy surrounding the statement has highlighted tensions within the PF party and raised questions about its leadership and direction. Some have suggested that the conflict between Chama and Sampa may be a reflection of wider divisions within the party, with different factions vying for power and influence.

There is also speculation about the impact that the conflict may have on the political landscape in Zambia. The PF party has been in power since 2011, and it has faced challenges in recent years, including accusations of corruption and economic mismanagement. The conflict between Chama and Sampa may further undermine the party’s credibility and support, especially if it is seen as a reflection of wider problems within the party.

At the same time, there are concerns about the implications of the reference to Chainama and the potential stigmatization of mental health issues in Zambia. Chainama is the largest mental health institution in the country, and it provides critical services to people who may not have access to other forms of care. The reference to a “Chainama case” may perpetuate negative stereotypes and attitudes towards mental health, and it may discourage people from seeking help or support.

There are also concerns about the lack of transparency and accountability within the PF party and the Zambian political system more broadly. The Registrar of Societies, to whom Sampa addressed his letter, is responsible for registering and regulating non-profit organizations in Zambia. However, there are concerns about the impartiality and effectiveness of the office, especially in cases where political parties may be involved.

The controversy surrounding Chama’s statement and Sampa’s letter underscores the need for greater transparency, accountability, and dialogue in the Zambian political system. It also highlights the importance of addressing the root causes of political conflicts and divisions, rather than simply treating their symptoms.

Moving forward, it will be important for the PF party and other political actors to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue, to address the concerns and aspirations of their members and constituents, and to work towards a more inclusive and accountable political system. This will require a commitment to transparency, accountability, and dialogue, as well as a willingness to address difficult issues and challenges head-on.


  1. iwe aothor of this document dont pretend,when you tell some to use 5 or you tell someone to use his/her 5.You know what it means hence when you tell someone about chainama case then you also must be able to know what it means,it means someone is not thinking properly and he/she needs to check his/her self.

  2. iwe author of this document dont pretend,when you tell some to use 5 or you tell someone to use his/her 5.You know what it means hence when you tell someone about chainama case then you also must be able to know what it means,it means someone is not thinking properly and he/she needs to check his/her self.

  3. Haha sampa is my young brother but even I know that alifulunganya. Only sata was able to guide him into the right direction. Education does not mean wisdom. He is educated but at same time cheepuba sana

  4. Politicians in Zambia are infantile and petty and their politics lack substance.
    Additionally the politics is not issue based but is centred around personal verbal attacks, telling lies with the hope of proving a point, stigmatising, hatred and most disturbing tribalism.
    Awful traits to have in your politicians in the 21st century.
    Is it a wonder that we are so backward.

  5. Chama is another MMD member, purely conflicted. He can not issue any objective statement against Miles Sampa. Not sure why these chaps are panicking and calling others names instead of waiting for the courts

  6. Let the Zulus form their own party. I have studied the whole conflict within PF. I was very sceptical over Mikes Sampa. But recently I found that he is the most honest and intelligent man within the PF. I rally behind Mikes Sampa. He can count on me to become his Vice President. We have to overthrow the entire counter revolutionary figures and the bourgeois within the PF. Let Chama concentrate on rearing Chickens.

  7. This Rabies Chamba is a very rough man. A party chairman who gladly shoots people and insults the sick? Hopefully the dustbin is where ba Sata has correctly left this particular rubbish. Spare us

  8. As usual and predicted, UPND cadres like Samuel Phiri (a southerner in sheep’s skin) have swung into action in support of a TRAITOR hired to disorganize the PF. UPND’s strategies were exposed when one of KK’s son was awarded a lucrative job for having been criticizing ECL as this KK’s son postured himself as member of PF – but operated under UPND’s sponsorship. Hon Chama is clearly stating that one of Lusaka’s MPs is so mentally confused that he needs psychiatric treatment at Chainama Hospital. This is the message that Zambians can grasp so far. UPND cadres must not create smoke screens.

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