Wednesday, July 24, 2024

PeP Challenges Government on Proposed Cost for Heroes Stadium Repairs


Patriots for Economic Progress (PeP) has challenged the Minister of Youth, Arts, and Sports, Honorable Elvis Nkandu, to provide a breakdown of the K100 million cost which the Zambian government proposes to spend on renovating Heroes Stadium and OYDC sports center.

PeP conducted an inspection of Heroes Stadium and OYDC sports center on Monday afternoon, and based on their findings, they argue that only the toilets and the track and field arena need renovation. They estimate that these works would not cost more than K2 million, and as such, they believe that the government has exaggerated and overpriced the proposed works by approximately K98 million.

In a statement released yesterday, PeP warns that this case of clear corruption cannot go unchallenged, especially at a time when the nation is facing serious problems such as a lack of medicines in hospitals and non-functional medical equipment at UTH Cancer Diseases Hospital.

PeP has given the Minister of Sports a seven-day ultimatum to publish the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for the proposed works. Failure to meet their demands will compel the party to approach the High Court for necessary relief to stop this evidently corrupt act.

The issue of corruption has long plagued Zambia’s development, and this recent development highlights the need for transparency and accountability in the country’s public institutions. PeP’s challenge to the government is a step towards ensuring that public resources are used for the benefit of the Zambian people and not for personal gain.

PeP Party President, Sean E. Tembo, issued the statement on behalf of the party, saying, “It is our duty as a responsible opposition party to demand accountability and transparency from those in power. We will not stand idly by and watch as public funds are misused and misappropriated. The people of Zambia deserve better.”

PeP’s call for transparency and accountability is timely, as Zambia gears up for the 2023 general elections. Voters will be looking to support leaders who are committed to rooting out corruption and promoting good governance.


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