Catholic Bishops condemn inclusion of “families of same-sex marriage” in School Curriculum

Zambian Catholic Bishops
Zambian Catholic Bishops

The Zambia Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCCB) are pushing the government to revise the school curriculum that seeks to introduce same-sex relationships to school-going children in the Southern African country.

In a recent report, the Catholic Bishops in Zambia say the curriculum, as it is, will not be taught in Catholic schools in the country.

“Recently, pictures emerged on social media allegedly extracted from the yet-to-be-introduced school text books on CSE (Comprehensive Sexuality Education). The pictures showed families of same-sex marriage,” ZCCB members say.

They add, “The Catholic Church teaches that a family naturally springs from the marriage of man and woman. And this marriage is ordered to the procreation and education of children.”

According to ZCCB members, Zambia’s Ministry of Education (MoE), through its Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) with support from UNESCO and the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) has produced a curriculum in life skills that focuses on CSE.

The Catholic Bishops say that the curriculum framework was developed to enrich the provision of Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education (RHSE).

In the February 8 report, ZCCB National Education Secretary, Fr. Leonard Namuvumba, notes that the Catholic Church holds on to the biblical understanding of family as designed by God and its definition of a family “as those of the same household”, and as the pairing of a man and a woman, along with their children.

He highlights the types of families as being nuclear, single-parent families, extended families, childless families, stepfamilies, and grandparent families.

Fr. Namuvumba says that the books that have been published do not stress the role and place of cultural and Christian values on family, marriage, sex, and sexuality, adding that the textbooks need to be revised so that there is the right material for the right age.

“Sex and sexuality education needs to be contextualized in such a way that only the right material is given to the appropriate age group unlike a situation where pupils are being exposed to unnecessary information,” he said.


  1. We warned Zambians about the UPND and its stand on Lesbians and Homosexuals. They had a covenant with their funders that once in power they will push the agenda of gayism. They are just beginning to do what they promised. As long as this govt remains in power the gay agenda will be slowly getting in our society. And what is their best place to start from …..schools, WE ARE IN TROUBLE!!

  2. No time to waste on these divsive regressive cults.
    Let human-beings live their lives peacefully as per their orientation. Members of Christianism or any other exclusive divisive intolerant violent cult have no right to dictate. They all need reforms n their thinking, outlook and practices. Stop judging and branding fellow human beings. It is Christianism that needs reform to fit in 21st century.

    • If it’s a case of live and let live, then why target indoctrinatig our kids????
      Additionally why is it foreigners pushing this agenda??? Must we not sit as a culture, as a people and decide what we want??? All consultations that where done locally opposed this. Why should it be shoved down our throats?????
      The only explanation is money! It’s what led judas to betray his master. Its what is leading this attempt to covertly sell our culture. This is the problem of having bad governments like we had under pf. They left us with our enemies hands around our neck with debt. And now we have those willing to sell our souls to satan for a few dollars!

  3. They want to corrupt and brain wash the minds of our children and if they did that then they are done with their agenda.But time to stop this evil,satanic act is now.This is the spirit of antchrist at work we know it but alas to that person who encourages such barbalic acts in our country.Civil society and churches come out of slumber and speak out against this evil spirit trying to destroy our rich culture.How i remember late Robert Mugabe,the man who stood his grounds on homesexuality. Ba Nevers were are you,come out and defend your faith.

  4. So, the accusations against UPND where true after all! On one hand they are saying they won’t decriminalise this stuff, On the other hand they are promoting it. What kind of hypocrisy is this? A sata
    Our moral status is already poor. But at least we where not tottering into insanity! But now finally it has arrived. Thanks upnd. Anyone that values their children will find alternative schools. You have no idea how devastating a blow this will be to our morality. This my friends is the downward spiral of all human decency.

  5. The Ministry of Education has released an official statement that those are not in the Zambian Curriculum. I think Zambians have poor reading culture. Why not research first, read before issuing a statement of this nature. The MOE said this content is from Tanzania.

  6. Zambians let’s keep this in mind in 2026, as we choose our future.
    Either we sell our souls and become a moral puppet of the west or we hold on to some sanity.
    Clearly promises have been made to our colonial masters for some favours of some money.
    Don’t people wonder why the west is so aggressively pushing this agenda? There a deeper spiritual darkness behind all of this. The desire is to spread even further degradation of human morality and sensibility. I have said before that even animals do not engage in this kind of activities, because it contrary to nature. Its unnatural. If you found a man trying to push a key into another key, you would label him mad! Similarly a lock cannot open a lock. It’s just illogical!

  7. Who is behind the curriculum? The devil; he is in the details. We have rejected and keep rejecting it, but the devil doesn’t get tired, he keeps knocking and negotiating. We, as well-meaning Zambians are steadfast and are resolved to rejecting this evil and foreign agenda; if someone has taken some brown envelope please return it, Zambia is a no go area for such immoral and evil agenda. God bless our beloved nation. 1 Peter 5:5-10

  8. The whole thing is an abomination. There is nothing to revise or debate. The curriculum in question is absolute rubbish. We can teach our children skills to shape there future and not this rubbish.
    And the education minister just said, “ignore”, mmmmmm, to sneek it at night into the system.

  9. This is so heart breaking how things are turning in this country , this is now destroying families which is a pillar to all societies how will Zambia as a nation survive with African values, it very shame full to the governing authorities for us to see this mess being forced up on our future.
    All those guys you see lining up with Kakubo are on a mission to convince this minister , since it is already finished with president HH who has already concented to these shame full acts , what can an appointed minister say really nothing.

  10. Same sex cant found a family in African culture. African family underscores the importance of offspring. Ulupwa (family) arises from Icupo (marriage). Lets suppose samesex marriage was allowed. It would not develop into ulupwa because there will be no offspring arising out of it. In theory this kind of ‘marriage’ would be heading towards a dead end so African cultures will oppose it.

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