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Jane Mazimba launches new book, Catching F.I.R.E lays out practical steps towards wealth creation


Multiple Award winning personal finance Educator Jane Mazimba has announced the launch of her new book Catching F.I.R.E, an informative and practical guide to helping people journey towards building wealth.

Catching F.I.R.E comes with each chapter containing weekly suggestions designed to help the reader set goals, identify their core values, evaluate their financial; position, start saving, manage debt and begin to invest.

The book is available in print and digital formats and unabridged audio edition of the book, read by Ms. Mazimba is planned for later.

A public launch event will be held on Saturday, February 25th 2023 at Latitude 15° in Lusaka and tickets for the event are going for K500 inclusive of an autographed copy of the book, entertainment, snacks and networking.

This is Ms. Mazimba’s first book and chronicles her personal finance journey and offers bite sized chapters that suggest small changes that have a big impact on overall financial health.

In it, Ms. Mazimba, guides readers to a new way of thinking about life and money through her well researched personal anecdotes and provides specific answers on how to get started by taking control of personal finances.

The book targets to help public sector workers, middle class earners, students and every person who not only wants to build wealth strategically but also to restructure their debts and make steps to live debt free.

“Catching F.I.R.E is a book that is needed for anyone seeking a life of personal financial freedom, early retirement and wealth creation. As a whole, this is a collection of my proven theories and practical top tips on how to get attain total financial freedom,” she said ahead of the launch.

“It’s a true anthology of my money journey and a handbook for growing your financial discipline. I want this book to serve as a guide for people who want to take the next step in shifting their perspective on personal finance and beyond.”

Ms. Mazimba added, “This is a book about action. The book bridges the gap between theory and reality. The book provides the reader with bite-sized actionable guidelines to create a strong foundation for their financial independence and Early Retirement journey.”

Drawing from her experiences as a Mother and Banker, Ms. Mazimba shares the habits and principles she has developed to successfully adapt to a life of financial independence and overcoming various financial obstacles.

Promotional plans for Catching F.I.R.E will include a book tour in selected cities and a detailed media calendar.

Among other accolades, Ms. Mazimba is a three time recipient of the Bank of Zambia Governor’s Financial Literacy Award for her contribution to Financial Literacy in Zambia.

She is a 2021 TEDx Speaker and 2022 World Speech Day Speaker.

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