Government warns street food traders who defy ban on ready-to-eat foods


The Zambian government has issued a warning to traders who continue to sell ready-to-eat foods on the streets, in spite of a ban aimed at preventing the spread of cholera. The ban was imposed due to concerns over unhygienic practices and the potential for the disease to spread throughout the country.

The ban has been flouted by many street traders in Lusaka and Kitwe, who claim that selling food on the streets is their only means of survival. However, Local Government and Rural Development Permanent Secretary Maambo Hamaundu has emphasized that traders who disregard the ban will be dealt with according to existing laws and guidelines.

Hamaundu has reminded traders that the issue at hand is a matter of life and death, and urged them not to put citizens at risk by continuing to sell food on the streets. He has also directed local authorities to communicate the ban effectively, in order to ensure that all stakeholders move in the same direction.

The Association of Vendors and Marketeers of Zambia President Abel Chikwa has called on the government to find lasting solutions to prevent cholera outbreaks in the future. Meanwhile, the street traders selling ready-to-eat foods have argued that they cannot stop selling on the streets as it is their only source of income.

Some traders have suggested that the government work with them to ensure that the streets are kept clean, rather than imposing a ban that harms their livelihoods.

The ban on the sale of ready-to-eat foods on the streets is a measure aimed at protecting citizens from cholera, which is caused by contaminated food or water. The disease has been a persistent problem in Zambia, with outbreaks occurring regularly in recent years.


  1. Are you people serious? And how exactly do you expect them to survive? You sit in your aircon office drinking tea while your friends are baking in the sun scrounging for the next meal by selling vitumbuwa or fried groundnuts, and their you are casually chasing them from their only livelihood!
    And after doing nothing in your aircon office you get into a GRZ, USD 290,000 Landcruiser VX. And you even have police escort making everyone give you way! SMH…

    People are so out of touch with the fate of the ordinary zambian. As soon as they get into power the become blind to the thousand of kids who have malnutrition, whose mothers have to find a way to feed them. And their only option is the street. Sell vitumbuwa, or sell your body as a prostitute!

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