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DISGUSTING: Police Protect Deadly Robbers, President HH Act!


If this story doesn’t make sense, it truly doesn’t. But it is a true story—read on.

On Sunday February 19, 2023 in Lusaka (by Zani Moune Motel), just after 1 am, 6 robbers attacked my sister’s household, and went away with hundreds her chickens. It is not the robbery that is shocking but how the Police behaved.

Robbers broke the Wall fence and gained entry into my sister’s poultry. One of them entered and started packaging hundreds of chickens in sacks, while others threw them over the fence. The husband courageously confronted the robbers. Out of instinct, they randomly ran away. Fortunately, the one inside the poultry didn’t notice. So he came face to face with the owner. Upon realizing that one was missing, the robbers returned and demanded that they open the gate or they would kill them. Because the fence is high, my quick thinking sister, niece and my mother fought with five other robbers using stones and everything they could lay their hands on to stop them from climbing the wall fence, while screaming for help. Everyone was deadly afraid to help, including their neighbor, who is a soldier. As expected, robbers eventually overcame them and one of them attacked her husband. The wife followed him and hit him with a big stone, rescued her husband and rushed into the house. The robbers rescued their friend, and left with a promise “to return and kill them.”

On Monday morning, February 20, 2023, they reported the case to the police. Later they were informed that a suspected robber was found lying by the roadside. When they went there, he was the one her husband had fought in that attack, whose hat, and shoes remained in the poultry. They returned to the Police and informed them that one of the suspects has been located. The Police told them to go and find transport. After they did, they returned to the Station. The Police told them to go and arrest the robber themselves and bring him to the station. They did so; only to be told to take him to the hospital because of the injuries he sustained in the fight the previous night. No arrest was made, even after he confessed to his parents that he was among the six robbers who robbed them the previous night. He was not even questioned.

The poor family sought help from the Central Police. They were told to go back to the very Police Station that refused to make the arrest. Stranded with the very robber, who would have killed them, they drove him to the hospital. Nobody questioned the robber as to where his friends were. The Police were so upset that her husband overpowered the robber. As we speak, the robber has not been arrested or even questioned. He is hospitalized as an innocent person and not a suspect. Sadly, since the attack, my sister is traumatized and so are her kids. The Police have never visited the crime scene at all. The poor family is now living in fear knowing that these criminals are out there and may be coming for them anytime.

Surprisingly, countless stories are reported of Police driving politicians around Zambia for committing political crimes. Similarly, the Police react differently if those robbed are politically connected and rich.

President Hichilema, please help this poor family get justice. Is Zambia Police for arresting politicians only? Why go with guns to arrest politicians while we citizens have to find our own transportation to arrest robbers, and ferry them to the Police Station by ourselves? Even when we do, the police ignore the crime? Are you telling us that we should start taking the law into our own hands? The family would have chosen to use mob justice, but brought the robber to the Police for him to face the law. What message are you sending to the public–that some robbers are above the law? Or is it that the Police are involved in this robbery?

Besides, why shouldn’t the Police be concerned that five other criminals are out there unless among them are Police officers themselves? If Mr. Kajoba wants to know how disgusting his officers have become under his leadership, he must follow up this case.

Concerned Citizen


  1. Disgusting if it is true indeed. Police service is there to only arrest politicians and perceived enemies of oval head.

    Look at the many corruption cases within upnd, no one has been summoned or arrested by security wings.

    • In case his political advisor does not know or hasn’t told him, HH is presiding over a weak state which can easily turn into a failed state. I will be keeping an eye on what happens next.

    • Yeah This family should have gone to the police station and told the cops five people had jumped over their wall and were shouting that “HH is not a Christian!” Adding: “One of them shouted that he is Nakacinda’s cousin”.
      I tell you the Police were immediately going to find transport and other resources to dash to the crime scene and arrest these rogues for defamation of the president.

  2. My friend identified an item stolen from him home. It was being sold at one of the big markets in Kitwe. He had reported the theft to the police and like in the story zp never visited the site. After informing the police that he had seen the stolen item, he was told to come with the vendor to the station. Needless to say, he abandoned the whole thing.

  3. Most of the people involved in thefts have befriended the police. You them shouting BWANA BWANA whenever a policeman enters a drinking a place. The implications are that the police will not act professionally when these characters rob innocent citizens.

  4. Indeed some crimes have been committed in collaboration with some police officers. When you’re faced with such a problem always demand to see the Officer in Charge of the particular station where you get mistreated. Usually they put things in order and if they don’t you’ll be able to tell their seniors that in fact you saw the OIC.


  6. There is no better way of describing this behavior other than DISGUSTING! This woman, the victim, can manage to hire the vehicle to ferry the robber; what about the poor who can’t even manage to bring inshima on the table? The Police Inspector has an uphill battle to change this mindset in his officers who ignore the fact that their salaries are coming from taxes levied on every Zambian resident.

    • Joseph, the IG cannot change anything. He is also upside down. He was picked from the dust bin. PF fired the IG because of his political affiliation and dullness.

  7. It is called ESCALATION…Zambians learn to escalate if you don’t get action. Did this family escalate the matter to the inspector general and later home affairs Minister? Go to these people’s offices…they probably don’t even know such injustice happened!!! Don’t fear offices my dear Zambians….

  8. Don’t be naive. Even the police know that the economy under upnd is biting. Theft is the only way to survive. They should arrest the one who has caused economic misery. Your hh.

  9. The only way round this is to make Provincial Police Commissioners more accountable …this article is a typical example the author has jumped that office and office of the IG straight to State House.

    • I think he did so because of the suspicious way the area police station officers behaved. A crime is handled by the police in the jurisdiction where the crime was committed. The station let the victims down. They complained to a higher station in command with similar results. The writer is just assisting the victim as a sister. He can’t be far from the truth that maybe such treatment is what causes people to take the law in their own hands.

      The incident is very unusual, such that if this side of the story is true, it defies common sense.

    • Joseph Mvula – All I am saying is Provincial Commisioners should be measured on KPIs with a go of reducing crime so need to work with Mayors and Councillors offices…take the example of Charity Katanga former commisioner for CB her performance was measured on how tough she was on opposition…we need a mindset change push for reforms instead of complaining to one man in Lusaka.

  10. How much freedom is left when one is walking past strangers in the night? Night workers and many others walking may be worried for their safety.

  11. We have to change our mindsets this author is appealing to a politician to sort out this problem yet wondering when its a politically motived the police are responsive …you have to lobbying for reforms like elected Police Provincial commisioners or Sheriffs

  12. GOOD evening FRIENDS AND FAMILY, am soliciting for writers to pen down a book titled: Kaizar, Life Battles.

    If you’re not a friend or family stay away from this post. Thank you

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