Monday, July 22, 2024

Lusaka Police Arrest Two for Fraud After Facebook Car Scam


Two individuals were arrested by police in Lusaka on charges of obtaining money by false pretenses. The suspects, identified as Golden Chibwe and Justine Muyange, are alleged to have conned a woman from Livingstone out of K23,000 by advertising a motor vehicle on their Facebook page.

The victim, aged 31, traveled to Lusaka to complete the transaction but was left empty-handed when the two suspects disappeared after receiving payment. However, the suspects immediately advertised another vehicle on their Facebook page, which was noticed by the victim’s brother. The victim’s brother engaged the suspects and arranged a meeting at Heroes Stadium in Lusaka on February 25, 2023, where the police and members of the public were on alert.

The two suspects were negotiating with the victim’s brother when the victim identified them and alerted the police. During their apprehension, one of the suspects attempted to speed off in their car and ended up running over his friend, causing him to break his left leg. The suspects were taken into police custody, with Golden Chibwe being detained and Justine Muyange receiving medical treatment at the University Teaching Hospitals.

The police impounded a Toyota Allion bearing two registration numbers, ADE 3001 and ADE 3031, which was used by the suspects during the crime. Investigations are ongoing, and an inquiry file has been opened.

In a separate incident, the police received a report of an abandoned motor vehicle parked in Kabanana Mai Chola area. The vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser registration number ABV 5498 in blue color, was abandoned on February 24, 2023, around 21:00 hours. The police towed the vehicle and currently have it parked at the police station, with an inquiry file opened.

The Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Danny Mwale, confirmed the arrests and impounding of the vehicle. He advised the public to be cautious when buying goods advertised on social media platforms and urged them to report any suspicious activity to the police.


  1. The Zambia Police owes Zambians answers .
    1. Who killed Ruth Mbandu?
    2.Who was gassing the Zambians?

    Surely you cannot keep quiet about this and keep talking about Human Rights,….
    We need answers.

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