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ZIDIS and Japan’s Foreign Service Institute agree on Diplomatic Cooperation


The Zambia Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies (ZIDIS) and the Foreign Service Institute (FSTI) of Japan have agreed to collaborate on training programs for diplomats. This announcement was made during a four-day study visit to the Foreign Service Training Institute of Japan in Sagamiono by Loveness Mulimbika, Director of ZIDIS.

Speaking about the areas of cooperation agreed upon, Mulimbika said, “We are looking to enhance capacity building in Human Resource development such as training of trainers, a training program for Zambia’s junior diplomats in foreign language, and exchange programs.” She went on to add that ZIDIS will strive to provide relevant training to the foreign service officers who represent the interest of Zambia in line with the country’s Foreign Policy.

The director of ZIDIS explained that last year, the Institute launched a diploma program in Diplomacy and International Relations. This move was in line with the Institute’s vision of upgrading the training program for the foreign service officers. “Our visit to the FSTI of Japan is emanating from the launch of the Diploma program last year. We aim to explore the best practices that Diplomatic Institutes such as Japan are using in the training of its Diplomats,” she said.

During the visit to FSTI of Japan, Mulimbika noted that she gained deeper insight into the integrated approach system on the delivery of learning to diplomats and the various training programs offered by FSTI of Japan, which Zambia could incorporate to improve the operations of ZIDIS. “We learned about programs such as the media course which is missing from our program but is very important for our senior diplomats such as Ambassadors who are given the mandate of advancing the Foreign Policy. Therefore, we need to train them to be able to give correct information to the media with regards to the country’s foreign policy,” she explained.

The objective of the visit was successful as the two institutes agreed on enhancing cooperation between the two countries. Speaking during the same event, Foreign Service Training Institute (FSTI) of Japan Director General Muto Akira, who is also Assistant Minister/Ambassador at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, emphasized the importance of having knowledgeable diplomats that are equipped to respond to various issues, including the challenges the world is currently facing such as climate change.

Akira said, “The existing international systems and institutions do not offer solutions to problems in the world hence the need to prepare the diplomats to build platforms and solutions that will bring impact to the nations.” The FSTI of Japan was established in 1946 in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo, a year after World War II, and provides training for newly recruited Ministry officials, training for overseas posting as well as training for mid-career training officials.

The collaboration between ZIDIS and FSTI of Japan is aimed at enhancing cooperation between the two countries and equipping diplomats to build platforms and solutions that will bring impact to the nations. The agreement is expected to benefit both institutes, and ultimately improve the quality of diplomats trained by ZIDIS.

“We look forward to the fruitful collaboration between ZIDIS and FSTI of Japan. This will enable us to produce quality diplomats who are knowledgeable and equipped to respond to the various issues affecting our countries and the world at large,” said Faith Nabeene Chilube, First Secretary Press at the Embassy of the Republic of Zambia in Tokyo.

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