Thursday, June 13, 2024

New measures implemented to reduce the cost of living in Zambia, says UPND spokesperson


New measures are being put in place by the New Dawn Government to reduce the cost of living, according to Cornelius Mweetwa, spokesperson for the United Party for National Development (UPND). Mr Mweetwa says that the government is working to reduce the cost of production and empower Zambians through economic activities that will lower the cost of living.

The UPND Party Spokesperson has cited citizen participation in economic transformation as a good example of government policies that are aimed at addressing issues affecting people and the environment. He also noted that the government is implementing sustainable development programs such as investment in the energy sector, job creation, and fertilizer production, which will help to revamp the economic status of the country and promote economic growth and human development.

Mr Mweetwa has called on all well-meaning Zambians to support the leadership of the New Dawn administration as they spearhead policies that will transform the country in all sectors of the economy. He added that the high cost of living was caused by the previous government’s reckless borrowing and spending and that the UPND government is equal to the task of fixing the mess left by the PF.

The UPND Party Spokesperson also said that the government is keen on ensuring that families are self-sustaining, which is why it has continued rolling out different empowerment programs. Mr Mweetwa is optimistic that through sustainable empowerment initiatives, such as increased Community Development Funds (CDF) and other citizens’ economic initiatives, Zambia will become a better place to live.

He charged that the party and government are committed to ensuring that after five years of UPND in power, the country will experience massive economic transformation that will see Zambia moving at a different trajectory. The New Dawn government’s measures are aimed at reducing the cost of living and boosting economic growth, which will result in a better quality of life for Zambians.


  1. Cornelius stop talking about PF, you are a failed government.

    What was the price of mealie meal, petrol, Fertiliser and other commodities when you took over.

    I agree with Garry Nkombo when he says that PF is still running government.

    A day hardly passes without mentioning PF

    • Mr. Mweetwa Sir, You are doing Nothing. No prices have come down in the shops. Your prices are higher than what PF left:
      A tray of eggs is now K60. 2kG sugar is K50, Fuel K29, fertilizer K1,200, . Just compare to what you found in 2021. Your govt is ridiculous: TUL.ENYA TULELAPILA…..TULEFIMBA TUUPOKE

  2. It’s disheartening to hear new doom government always talking about PF instead of providing solutions to the high cost of living.


  3. Ok but ba NEW DOOM ni circus. Surely should you continue to lie to us without shame? Insoni ebuntu.

  4. Mweetwa is actually right… his income has quadrupled and has outstripped the cost of essentials…. except this doesn’t include us we common men.

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