Friday, February 23, 2024

ZNS Officers Fired for Illegal Gold Mining at Kasenseli


In a bid to protect the wealth of the nation, the Zambia National Service (ZNS) has dismissed three of its officers who were caught engaging in illegal gold mining at Kasenseli in Mwinilunga, North-Western Province.

According to ZNS commander Maliti Solochi, there will be no sacred cows when it comes to illegal mining, and any officer found engaging in such activities will be immediately dismissed from service.

While addressing Mwinilunga district commissioner Harrison Kamuna during his courtesy call, Lt Gen Solochi emphasized that the gold in Mwinilunga is wealth for the entire nation, and it is the ZNS’s responsibility to protect it.

Lt Gen Solochi expressed his concerns over reports that some ZNS officers deployed at Kasenseli gold mine have been engaging in illegal mining. He added that the command has not taken this lightly, hence his decision to visit Mwinilunga.

However, Lt Gen Solochi said that soldiers deployed at Kasenseli gold mine are under intense temptations because some people are offering them money to give them access to the gold mine. But he added that the soldiers have been resisting such offers.

To stop the rumors that ZNS officers are engaging in illegal mining, Lt Gen Solochi said that the command, in consultation with relevant authorities, will extend security to all the community pits.

Lt Gen Solochi assured the people of Mwinilunga that Kasenseli gold is intact, but people should be patient as the mine will be opened soon, as things need to be done in a methodical way without rushing.

Going forward, Lt Gen Solochi warned that whoever tries to entice the soldiers deployed at the gold mine will be arrested.

In response, Mr. Kamuna urged the ZNS to continue protecting the mineral resource for the benefit of the country, adding that the people of Mwinilunga are looking forward to the reopening of the mine.

Lt Gen Solochi and his delegation also toured Kasenseli to check on the security situation at the three pits: Inonge Wina, Tasila Lungu, and Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

With this action, ZNS has shown that they are committed to protecting the nation’s mineral resources and will not hesitate to take stern action against anyone found engaging in illegal mining activities.


  1. Inonge Wina, Tasila Lungu and Edgar Lungu gold mine pits in North Western province. Scams of Zambia and some cheap scroungers will make noise when these three are arrested for stealing Zambia’s resources

  2. So we have a failed deal to sort out our debt but all along we have assets in gold which have the capability not only to pay off what we owe but to generate future wealth. Ushe what’s wrong with us? Why do we have such uselessness in the country?

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