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Woman 44, arrested for husband’s death


Police on the Copperbelt have arrested a 44 year old woman for allegedly causing the death of her husband.

Copperbelt Police Commissioner, Peacewell Mweemba identified the suspect as Mailesi Zulu aged 44 of Lundazi district.

In a statement issued to the media, the Police Chief said the deceased identified as Dennis Chanda had a misunderstanding with his wife who later got a pan brick and hit him on the stomach causing him severe pain.

Mr Mweemba stated that the deceased was rushed to Mpongwe Mission Hospital on November 17, 2022 where he was admitted and his wife apprehended for assault occasioning body harm (AOBH).

He said the deceased was later evacuated to Ndola Teaching Hospital where he died on December 12, 2022 and it was later discovered that Police were not informed of his death.

Mr Mweemba added that his body was exhumed 15 days after his burial upon which a forensic pathology investigation revealed that he died of trauma due to the injuries in his stomach.

He said a docket for murder has since been opened and the suspect is currently remanded in custody awaiting court appearance.


  1. This sounds like an afterthought by the Police prompted by pressure from the family. There seems to be incompetence from medical doctors as well. If indeed he died in hospital, what was the declared cause of death? What was he treated for at the hospital? The deceased may have been neglected. It’s unlikely that a murder charge will stand in Court, may be manslaughter but a good lawyer can even get her acquitted. The medical report and the postmortem results might not collaborate

  2. Really poor journalism. Copperbelt has 9 districts so Police on the Copperbelt have arrested a 44 year old woman is vague. Where? hasnt been answered here. The killer lives in Lundazi district…on the Copperbelt ? The victim was admitted to Mpongwe…he died in Ndola…. his body was exhumed 15 days after his burial-Where?

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