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New Heritage Party expresses concern over LGBTQ march with police escort in Zambia


On March 4th, a group of LGBTQ individuals in Zambia marched with police escort, which prompted a response from the New Heritage Party. In a press statement issued on March 6th, the party expressed concern and dismay at the police’s handling of the event.

“The New Heritage Party wish to express our deep concern and dismay at your handling of this case and wish to state from the outset that you are belittling and insulting the intelligence of Zambians,” said Chishala Kateka, President of the New Heritage Party. “Stop endangering our lives.”

The party also addressed the LGBTQ community, questioning why they feel the need to “push their depravity on our society” and stating that their behavior does not align with Zambia’s cultural and Christian values. “Stop pushing the boundaries. Please do not think for a single minute that we, as a society, will accept and applaud your behaviors,” Kateka said.

The Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, also issued a press statement on March 6th, condemning the behavior of the LGBTQ group. “Government finds as irresponsible the behavior by a group of people that at the weekend marched at Lusaka’s showgrounds, chanting and carrying placards in support of homosexuality,” Kasanda said.

He went on to emphasize that homosexuality is prohibited in Zambia and anyone who goes against the law will be punished. “I further wish to stress that homosexuality is prohibited in Zambia as provided in Sections 155 and 157 of the Penal Code, Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia,” Kasanda said. “Government is concerned that the group decided to use the permit that was given in good faith by Police to raise awareness against women and girls sexual and Gender Based Violence to champion an illegal and criminal cause.”

The police, according to Deputy Police Public Relations Officer Danny Mwale, were allegedly “duped” by the group. “It has come to the attention of the Zambia Police Service that during the said March-past, conveners exhibited a different agenda from the one whose permit they sought for. The agenda seemed to have highlighted issues of LGBTQ (Homosexuality),” Mwale said.

The government and the New Heritage Party have both made it clear that they do not condone the behavior of the LGBTQ group and that it goes against Zambia’s laws and values.


  1. Is it difficult to lock up the people who came to the police to seek a permit? Are we normal humans? really?

  2. It is imf condition. Hh blesses this. Remember it is gay money which helped him win elections. So he will forever be indebted to the gaylords.

    • Yeah right. Even if it was an IMF condition, it would still be your (PF) fault. You are the ones who put Zambia in the US $31 billion debt that is causing it to go begging before the IMF for help. And anyway, you look like one of the people who was picture waving a gay flag in that protest.

  3. Let us not have a wrong impression that the LGBT sin is the biggest sin, even your daily sins you guys commit are wrong. Stop it, too much wrong relationships every where

    • The difference is the LGBTQ parade it in the streets, demanding that the Government allow them to sin freely. When was the last time you saw adulterers parading in the street that they’re proud of what they do, and promoting their lifestyle ? So why do these homosexuals feel the need to hold a parade, defying the country’s law ? It’s their imposing of their gay lifestyle on others that’s rubbing people the wrong way. 99.9 % of Zambians reject this decadent lifestyle. And that should be respected.

  4. Some of our opposition leaders only show up when this LGTBT (whenever) issue comes up. Once it goes down they also proceed on holiday

  5. HH is raising up a God hating nation , it is in his term of 0ffice we are seeing all this rubbish who doesn’t know that this guy hates everything to do with God now he is manifesting what he is , we were told many stories about his ant- Christ church that he is associated with but Zambians thought it was a joke now you can prove it with what happening .
    Life is not about what you say to people but what you do, we have seen in the past how they accused his opposition to be tribal talk, talk doesn’t mean anything but what you do speaks for itself the tribalism we have seen his appointing government officers can tell who he is even if he doesn’t speak about it we all see it written on papers

  6. Ndevu pa Ndevu or Thketi pa Thketi, we say NO! We already know about this strategy to stop us from reproducing. Twakana.

  7. The same police service speedily arrested the controversial Dr. Brian Sampa when he launched a demonstration against homosexuality in Zambia! What hypocrisy is this?

  8. HH this is a disgrace happening under your watch, is this the legacy you want to create? instead of being on the right side of the equation. i had so much respect for this government, please u can do better

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