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Zambia Army is considering recruiting female Special Forces officers


Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Sitali Dennis Alibuzwi has disclosed that the army is considering recruiting female Special Forces officers and soldiers as soon as the necessary infrastructure is put in place.

Special forces officers are combat leaders and staff officers who also advise Commanders on all aspects of special operations.

They are experienced subject matter experts in unconventional warfare and operations, fusing intelligence and planning at all levels across the operational continuum.

Lt Gen Alibuzwi made the remarks at Arakan Barracks during the ‘Recognising Contribution of Women in the Zambia Army’ honouring ceremony in line with 2023 International Women’s Day celebration.

In his speech, Lt Gen Alibuzwi said that the Army has female representation in all fields but special forces, prompting a plan to enlist the first female recruits in the core in the near future, as well as promote more women to platoon commander positions.

“I am proud to say that today, all roles are open to women in the Zambia Army, with the exception of the Special Forces core, which is being considered.Let me also state that I am honoured to witness a paradigm shift in the employment of women from non-combatant roles to roles in which capable women have the freedom to be or not be.Command is proud of all women who have realised their potential while serving the nation and have demonstrated outstanding professionalism,” Lt Gen Alibuzwi said.

Speaking at the event, Colonel Priscilla Katoba, Deputy Director General Sports, thanked command for dedicating this day to women to celebrate themselves.

She said that women in uniform should not only be celebrated with ‘lip service,’ but their accomplishments should also be recognised.

Staff Sergeant Esther Kalumbi, Zambia Army’s only female telecommunications and electronics engineer, thanked command for making digital innovation a priority in the various military occupational specialties.

Major (rtd) Sarah Chookole, one of the women honoured for her exceptional service in the army, thanked the command for the recognition.

“The recognition was significant because it will allow young officers and soldiers to see where we have come and will pave the way for encouraging them to take on important tasks in the future.”

The Army Commander honoured twenty-nine officers and soldiers, both serving and retired, for their outstanding leadership, academic and professional achievements, and contributions to the Army, and promoted Felistus Mambwe from Private to Lance Coporal.

This year’s International Women’s Day is under the theme ‘Digital innovation and technology for gender equality ‘.

Meanwhile, the Government has hailed Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) ladies for coming to the aid of vulnerable children at Riverrain Combined School in Kitwe.

As part of International Women’s Day commemoration, 50 female employees of CEC decided to buy 81 pairs of shoes for vulnerable learners from grades 1 to 4 at Riverrain Combined School.

Speaking at the event,Kitwe District Commissioner Lawrence Mwanza said the gesture by the CEC ladies was encouraging especially that the company has continued to partner with government in social investment.

He said activities compliment government efforts in addressing some of the challenges that have come about as a result of the free education policy.

Kitwe District Education Board Secretary Christopher Nyungila also applauded the CEC ladies n implored the Head teacher of Riverain Combined School to ensure the shoes are given to the right recipients.

Meanwhile,CEC Chief Legal Counsel Julia Chaila said the women came to the aid of the vulnerable learners as most of them were walking to School without proper school shoes


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