Monday, February 26, 2024

Police in Ndola arrest illegal miners


Police in Ndola have arrested and charged three illegal miners with an offence of criminal trespass.

The suspects were apprehended on March 4, 2023 at 10:30 hours in Mushili Lupili area of Ndola where it is alleged that they were illegally mining manganese.

Brief facts are that on the material date, police officers from masala police post were alerted by members of the community that illegal miners were loading manganese onto a truck which they had illegally mined.

Police officers rushed to the area where the illegal activity was being conducted and managed to arrest three people who included the driver of the truck which was being loaded with manganese identified as Thompson Matimba aged 36 of House Number 337/14 Chipata Compound in Ndola.

Others arrested include Chiza Matimba aged 34 years of House Number NSS446 Chazanga Lusaka and Emmanuel Nsamba aged 35 of 2224 Ndeke Ndola .

The suspects are currently detained in police custody while the Scania truck registration Number BAF 2470 and trailer registration number 7302 belonging to Shaann carriers of Lusaka which was found about a quarter loaded with manganese has been impounded and parked at Masala Police Station.


  1. Question, which continent are those said to be “illegal miners from”?

    Just wondering whose draw & passed the mining policies in Motherland….

    Was Tomas Sakala et Al , wrong on indigenous grassroots enjoying their mineral resources just like many high levels, politicians & Westerner Cooperates do?

    • That type of thinking is the root of anarchy in Zambia. There are laws that govern this nation. If they want to commence mining, why not form a cooperative and then apply for a mining license?
      The mineral wealth of this country must be used for development and not just enrich a few people. Look at how Botswana has developed from being the poorest country in SADC to one of the richest due to the good policies of Diamond mining.
      All these illegalities were promoted by pf. This is the New Deal era, everyone must follow the laws period.

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