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President Hichilema implores youths to exhibit responsible behaviour


President Hakainde Hichilema has urged youths to refrain from illicit sexual behaviour, alcohol, drug and social media abuse.

President Hichilema said young people should instead be agents of national development.

Speaking in Lusaka today when he officiated at the national youth indaba ahead of Youth Day which falls on Sunday, March 12, the President told the youths to use social media for productive activities.

President Hichilema said youths should also desist from lawless activities such as destroying public property.

“Be the agents of law and order. Do not allow anyone to make you damage property that belongs to someone else,” President Hichilema said.

The President also called on youths to develop a mindset of entrepreneurship.

Mr Hichilema said it is not possible for all the youths to be employed in formal employment.

The Head of State further said government has embarked on different programmes that are aimed at improving the livelihood of youths.

He said various empowerment programmes have been tailored around developing the youthful populace.

“Your government is working to provide opportunities. The opportunities we are working on are there to support the realisation of your dreams,” he said.

President Hichilema said youths should drive the agenda to change the work culture in the country.

He added that the youthful citizens are significant in the development of the country.

“You are an important part of this country. You are not tools of political violence, you are tools of development for the country,” Mr Hichilema said.

The President further said his administration is in the process of recruiting men and women in uniform with the youths being prioritised for the exercise.

He also added that government has been deliberate in the manner it is delivering development to the youths.

Mr Hichilema cited the free education policy, which he said people did not initially believe, as one of the programmes aimed at fostering development among young people.

“These interventions are deliberate, they are not by chance. 20 months ago no one believed that we could deliver free education to the country,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of Youth, Sport and Arts, Elvis Nkandu, disclosed that the indaba attracted about 2,000 youths from all the 156 constituencies in the country.

And a youth representative, Chishimba Kaluba, expressed gratitude that the President found time to grace the indaba.


  1. Hmmm! How can youths be responsible when LGBTQ protesters are being accorded Police escort while other citizens and members of civil society are being bundled and detained like criminals? So it becomes attractive for them to join LGBTQ and not civil society

  2. He is teaching your children how to be gay. If he doesn’t come out to speak against the gays then he is gay. I have always known that he is gay

    • Even murderers , rapists, plunderers are God’s children too should we condone well, what is wrong is wrong

    • 1 Corinthians 6:9,10 says:
      Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, thieves, greedy people, drunkards, revilers, and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom.

  3. Honestly how on earth do you expect youths to be responsible yet you, yourself are irresponsible. In one seven months you have taken 35 international trips wasting a lot of money.

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