Saturday, February 24, 2024

Promote digital technology among women in rural areas


Masaiti District Commissioner, Ennie Matutu has stressed the need to promote digital technology participation among women in rural areas.

Ms. Matutu says this will help to remove the digital gender divide existing among women and girls in remote and rural areas.

The District Commissioner said the call for the removal of digital divide will see vulnerable women and girls benefit equitably from the digital and technological innovations for their improved livelihoods.

Ms. Matutu says women in the rural areas can be innovators and also contribute to transforming the district through digital technologies.

The District Commissioner also emphasized on the need to celebrate women and girls who are championing the advancement of transformative technology and digital education.

She has, however called on the protection of women and girls against online Gender Based Violence such as cyber bullying, sexual harassment, trafficking and gross breaches of privacy.

And representing the women in Masaiti, District Education Board Secretary (DESO) Catherine Kunda says this year’s women’s day theme dubbed “Digital Innovation and Technology for gender equality” is timely as the world has become highly digital.

Mrs. Kunda underscored the fact that people come from different backgrounds and cultures and hence the need for inclusion and belonging for women and girls.

She has commended government for creating various platforms and programs aimed at ensuring that no woman or girl is left behind when it comes to digital innovation and technology.

Mrs. Kunda has implored women in Masaiti to take up the responsibility of ensuring they participate in activities that embrace digital innovation and technology.

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