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Zambia Correctional Service Refutes Reports of Escape of Pamela’s Abductors


The Zambia Correctional Service (ZCS) has vehemently refuted media reports claiming that one of the suspects in the abduction case of Pamela Chisumpa and 12 others had escaped from custody, while another one was shot dead, and the third one fell and sustained a fractured backbone in their attempt to escape. In a press statement, Superintendent Gillian Namungala, the Public Relations Officer for the ZCS, clarified that all the suspects are safe and accounted for under their custody.

“The Zambia Correctional Service would like to refute media reports published by News Diggers in their edition dated 10th March, 2023 purporting that one suspect in the abduction case of Pamela Chisumpa and 12 others has escaped from custody, one was shoot dead and that another fell and sustained a fractured backbone in their attempt to escape. We would like to assure members of the public that all the suspected abductors are safe and still accounted for under our custody contrary to sensational reports from some sections of the media,” Superintendent Namungala stated.

The statement further outlined the robust strategies that the ZCS has in place to curtail escape attempts, including a zero-tolerance policy for escapes and stern sanctions on officers who contribute to security breaches.

“We have a firm stance on escapes, which includes stern sanctions on officers who, through complacency, negligence, or otherwise contribute to security breach. A number of officers who have been found culpable have since been suspended from duty,” the statement read.

Superintendent Namungala also highlighted the ZCS’s promotion policy for officers who go the extra mile to recapture escapees and inmates who have been at large for a long time.

“The Service has a policy of promotion of officers who go the extra mile and who through personal commitment, dedication, and courage successfully recapture any escapee, particularly inmates who have been at large for a long time. This is notwithstanding regular aggressive escape routines to recapture any inmate that may have escaped from lawful custody,” she added.

The ZCS has also initiated a whistle-blower policy and is offering a monetary reward of K 5000.00 (Five Thousand Kwacha) to informers and whistle-blowers while protecting their identity.

“In this regard, we call upon members of the public with information on escapees from many years back to report to the nearest Correctional Center, and that a monetary reward of K 5000.00 (Five Thousand Kwacha) will be given to the informers and whistleblowers while protecting their identity,” Superintendent Namungala confirmed.

The Zambia Correctional Service has urged members of the public to report any information that may aid in recapturing escapees, and the Commissioner General Mr. Fredrick Chilukutu has assured the public that all inmates are in safe and secure custody.

“We sound a strong warning to would-be escapees, members of the public, and individuals with the intention of aiding or harboring escapees that the long arm of the law will soon catch up with them,” Superintendent Namungala warned.

The ZCS has also appealed to the media to be mindful when covering stories related to security as they have the potential to jeopardize investigations and cause unnecessary alarm.


  1. If the editorial team of News Diggers has any decency, they will apologize to the Zambian Correctional Service for publishing false news and making money out of it.

  2. How long have these people been in remand without being taken to court? It’s such delays that give room to rumours. Take them to court. Some will say there other cases that have taken longer to take to court, but this is a different case, a case that has generated wide interest in the nation.

  3. It’s easier to believe News Diggers and not the prison warden. This case has been mishandled right from the beginning. The moment whispers emerged that some UPND officials were among the patrons to that house and could have probably been financing the project, we knew that this case risked being rigged. The News Diggers story has just confirmed those fears

  4. The problem with you De javu is that you think that if u don’t know, no one else does or should know. That’s sad, really sad. If News Diggers respects the truth, they will pay a visit to Mwembeshi correctional facility to see the said remandees awaiting court appearance. I bought a copy of the paper purely because of the lead story. It has since turned out that it was fake news.

    • Gunner The problem is with you because you can even accept to enter your house through the anUs. You don’t know the truth, I don’t know the truth so where I am a problem. Tomorrow you will be told that the kidnappers died of typhoid and you will believe.

  5. The English from the Prisons Service makes me doubt it’s authenticity. In any case, this is a very simple matter to establish. I would be very surprised if Diggers writers only relied on a source and did not bother sending an investigator to the prison for a visit with the escaped prisoners.
    How unprofessional could you be to just hear a story and rush to publish it? It’s not like ACC rushing to the public that a councillor bought a bank for 300 million and later retracting that it was only a report by citizens without having the decency to investigate.

  6. Nothing surprises us under upnd. They leave their gay friends to protest freely and release criminals because they are all part of the same gang

  7. Why nowadays so many people are being killed at the hands of the merciless? It’s becoming difficult to travel or work at night.

  8. The truth of the matter is that a UPND Member of Parliament is stup1dly linked to this story. Lusaka is a very small place and everyone knows someone in the Intelligence, Security, Police & Prison services. You can hide filthy under the mat or carpet to make your house look clean. But at some point the bad smell will be reviewed and everyone will know that you a dirty person.

    • Hopefully they won’t inform the nation that they died from natural causes…if eventually they don’t appear in court.

  9. Yes let them be paraded in front of the press if they are not lying otherwise we will take it that prisons is lying. And it seems from the statement by prisons that prisoners escaping is a common occurrence in our prisons so what kind of prisons are we running.

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