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Police Intercept 30 Tonnes of Suspected Stolen Copper Concentrate in Kitwe, Two Detained


Thirty (30) tonnes of suspected stolen or unlawfully obtained Copper concentrate has been incepted by Police on the Copperbelt Province.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba has confirmed that two people have been detained by police in Kitwe in connection with the case.

Mr. Mweemba said Police incepted the copper which was in transit at Kitwe’s Zamtan Police Check Point on 11th March 2023 between 14:00 and 15:00 hours.

The Copperbelt Police Chief said two people identified as Silent Kasonde aged 32 of Lusaka and Clement Kasonde, 37, of Lusaka as well were found in possession of 30 tonnes of suspected stolen Copper concentrate loaded in a Freight Liner truck and trailer Reg# ALX 2518, BAL 4930T.

He said suspects Silent and Clement work for Shaann Carriers of Lusaka as truck drivers driver and Lorry boy respectively.

“Kitwe District Anti Robbery team. Being in Possession of Property believed to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained. Occurred on 11.3.23 between 1400hrs and 1500hrs at Zamtan Police Check Point, in which two (02) Persons namely;- Male/SILENT KASONDE aged 32 of House Number C84, Zingalume area in Lusaka, also a Truck driver working for Shaann Carriers of Lusaka and male CLEMENT KASONDE aged 37, also of the same abode and a Lorry boy by occupation, were found in Possession of 30 tonnes of Suspected stolen Copper Concentrate loaded in a Freight Liner truck and trailer Reg# ALX 2518, BAL 4930T,” Mr. Mweemba said.

Mr. Mweemba the two suspects failed to produce sufficient documents supporting the transportation of the copper concentrate they were carrying.

The two told Police that they loaded the material in question from one of the Garages owned by Chinese located within Chimwemwe lndustrial Area in Kitwe.

“Brief facts are that the duo were driving a freightliner truck loader with suspected stolen copper concentrate. They were intercepted at Zamtan Police Check Point. Upon being interviewed over the documents for the concentrate they were carrying, the driver only produced two (02) documents namely:- MINERAL TRADING PERMIT in the Company name of TIGER RESOURCES LTD of Kabwe, and a Zambia Police Clearance Certificate dated 11th March, 2023, purported to have been prepared by P. DAKA of Garneton Police Station without an Official date Stamp.The two later revealed that they loaded the material in question from One of the Garages of a Chinese located within Chimwemwe lndustrial Area, Kitwe. Police made a follow-up, but by the time the officers reached the said place, they found that the described male Chinese had already knocked off. The two suspects are detained in custody, while the truck is parked at Kitwe Central Police. More to follow,” Mr. Mweemba stated.

Meanwhile, a 26-year-old bricklayer of Chingola’s Kasompe Township is on the run after raping his elder sister.

Mr. Mweemba confirmed that Ruth Ng’ambi aged 40 was drunk at the time she was raped by her brother Mwima Ng’ambi on 10th March 2023.

Ms. Ng’ambi narrated to Police how she sustained a painful vagina and body pains.

“Chingola District. Incest occurred on 10.3.23 between 14:00hrs and 15:00 hours at House Number 363 B Kasompe Township, Chingola in which F/Ruth Ng’ambi aged 40, a Businesswoman, reported to Chingola central police station on 11.3.23. at 1200hrs that she was raped by her younger brother M/ Mwima Ng’ambi aged 26 Occupation: Bricklayer of the same abode, and sustained a painful Vagina and body pains,” Mr. Mweemba said.

“Brief facts are that the victim stays with her two brothers and a sister. On 10.03 .23 at around 10:00hrs, the three siblings left home and went out while she remained home alone drinking Chibuku. When she got drank, she went into her room and slept. While sleeping, her young brother came back from where he had gone and went into his sisters room and found her sleeping, and took advantage of her drunken state and raped her.”

“She shouted for help, but he covered her month, and no one came to her rescue and later ran away.She narrated the story to the other family members who were not home, and they advised her to report the matter to the Police. A medical report form was issued. Scene of crime was visited and processed. Docket opened, and an effort was made to apprehend the suspect, but he was not found home as he had fled to an unknown place.However, investigations have been instituted,” Mr. Mweemba said.


  1. LT, could you please stop mixing two different stories in one narrative? You can have the second story stand alone by itself, with its own heading, instead of mixing the two. Are you trying to save space or what? Come on, fellas. You can do better. Anyway, hope the police find that Chinese illegal copper dealer and throw him behind bars for a 100 years.

  2. As long as government continues to issue mineral trade permits, and for as long as there’s a ready market for ores, there shall always be theft of copper or its concentrate. This is how porous our system is. You don’t find such things in Namibia or Botswana. This isn’t an isolated incident. The chaps were just unfortunate to be caught. Zambia is finished.

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