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Youths want a public university in Western Province


Youths in Nkeyema district in Western Province have called on the government to consider constructing a public university there.

Youths representative, Muyendekwa Mwandamina, said Western Province has had no public university from time immemorial.

Ms Mwandamina said lack of higher learning institutions has forced many people to travel from Western Province to Lusaka and Copperbelt to access tertiary education.

She was speaking during the provincial commemoration of youth day that was held in Nkeyema district under the theme; “Transforming Minds for Accelerated Youth Development”.

And officiating at the event, Western Province Minister, Kapelwa Mbangweta reaffirmed government’s commitment to improving the education system through the introduction of free education and increased budgetary allocation for skills and vocational training in the region.

Mr Mbangweta has therefore urged the people in Nkeyema district to form more cooperatives in order to access Constituency Development Fund (CDF) for rural sustainable development.

Meanwhile, Government has sponsored over 500 youths to pursue various vocational courses in Lufwanyama district in the Copperbelt province.

The scholarship programme, which has been accessed by youths from all six chiefdoms in the district, is being funded from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Lufwanyama District Commissioner, Justin Mwalikwa, said this when he officiated at this years’ youth day celebration in the district.

Mr Mwalikwa said the beneficiaries are currently studying at various vocational youth skills training centres within Copperbelt province.

” Some of the courses being undertaken by beneficiaries are computer studies, metal fabrication, and general agriculture among other programmes,” said Mr. Mwalikwa.

He said the initiative is aimed at equipping the young generation with survival skills that will enable them become entrepreneurs and participate in job creation in the district.

Speaking at the same event, Lufwanyama district youth representative, Ian Nchimunya, thanked government for sponsoring young people in the district.

Nchimunya, who is also a beneficiary of government bursaries in the district, also called on government to equip vocational training centres in the district with all necessary equipment.

He observed that many youths have responded positively to the programme but there are no boarding facilities and the right tools in such training centres.

And Mwandi District Commissioner, Sikuka Kabika, says youths are an invaluable asset for national development.

Ms Kabika said government and other youth stakeholders are reflecting on the opportunities presented to the young people in the country.

She was speaking in Mwandi today during the youth day commemoration under the theme; ‘transforming minds for accelerated youth development’.

Ms Kabika said in line with the theme, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Arts is implementing programmes to accelerate youth development and enhance effective youth participation in national development.

She said government is implementing multi-sectoral empowerment programmes where youths are able to access empowerment fund through loan facilities.

She has since urged all youth organisations and stakeholders in youth development to continue facilitating the formation of cooperatives by youths who wish to venture into various fields of national development.

And Mwandi District Town Council Chairperson, Mike Lubasi, urged the youths to join President Hakainde Hichilema in economically transforming the country.

Mr Lubasi noted that in order to transform the district to a better level, it is important for youths to change their mindsets towards the development of the country.

He said youths should be responsible as they continue to accelerate the development of the nation.

Meanwhile, Mwandi District Youth Committee chairperson, Kayuwa Inambao, thanked the government for putting in place various developmental skills to empower youths.

Mr Inambao said government can further help the youths by creating recreational facilities in order to reduce vices that are hindering the youths in from succeeding.

He also implored his fellow youths to remember their creator in the days of their youth.


  1. What for? Mongu would be better with a technical college or more trades schools.
    We will end up like Nigeria with hundreds of universities when the country needs artisans for the growth of the economy.

  2. Without talking about the merits or demerits of having a university in the area, I’m concerned about the Minister’s response. How did he decide to advise the youths to form cooperatives and access CDF when their cry was for a university? If he didn’t want to commit himself he should have just said he was going to deliver the message to his boss.

  3. Universities specialize in theories. A prudent government needs to analyze the situation:
    Zambia already has enough theorists. At present it needs craftsmen and technicians so dont build more Universities

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