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Zambia Police say they are yet to make arrests from the infamous Youth Day Violence


Copperbelt Police say they are yet to make any arrests from the infamous Youth Day violence in Kitwe that erupted between UPND and PF supporters in which some people were injured and vehicles got damaged.

Copperbelt Police Chief Peacewell Mweemba said Police have already launched investigations into the violence that happened just a few meters away from Wusakile Police Station after official complaints from victims of assault and damage to property.

Mr. Mweemba said at least three people were injured, two vehicles were damaged and the minimart at Wusakile Puma Filling Station had its window glass panes shuttered.

In a statement, Mr. Mweemba said Police visited the crime scene and took photographic evidence of the damages as victims of injury were issued with a medical report form.

The violence occurred just before President Hakainde Hichilema officiated at the National Youth Day celebration held at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe.

“Brief facts are that around 10:00 hrs, cadres from political parties, mainly PF and UPND gathered at Wusakile Roundabout and at about 11:00 hrs a fight ensued between a male PF and a male UPND cadre whose identity are not known, where a UPND cadre was hit on his head with a stone and fell onto the ground, and as a result confusion arose where two political party supporters resorted to stoning one another, leading to the damage of the mini – mart and three (3) motor vehicles, i.e. Nissan X Trail, Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Vista, reg. no. ABD 96, white in colour whose owner is not yet known. It is in the same confusion that the mentioned victims were assaulted and wounded, respectively,” Mr. Mweemba stated.

Mr. Mweemba highlighted details of the official complaints lodged to the Police after the incident.

“(1) Malicious Damage To Property. O.B. no. 2850/23. Occurred today, Sunday, 12.03.23 around 11:00 hours at main Puma Energy Service Station, near Wusakile Roundabout, Kitwe, in which Male Ricky Chambo, aged 31, of House Number G-66, Ndeke Village, G Section, Kitwe, Occ. Shift Supervisor at Puma Energy reported on behalf of Puma Energy that unknown people dressed in PF and others in UPND regalia broke five (5) window glass panes and also dented a metal wall on the mini mart. The value of the property reported damaged is not yet known.(2) Assault OABH, O.B. no. 2850/23, in which M/Reuben Mambwe, aged 31, a general worker at the filling station, of House Number. 2334, Chipata Compound, Kitwe reported that he was assaulted by unknown people during the confusion at the filling station and sustained a cut on the upper lip after being hit with a stone,” he said.

One of the victims, whose Toyota Land Cruiser, was damaged is UPND Copperbelt youth Chairman Warren Hinyama.

“(3) Malicious Damage To Property, O.B. 2864/23, in which M/Koji Cherub Muyingu, of House Number 93, Ngweshi Road, Kalulushi reported that his M/V, a Nissan X Trail, Silver in colour, Reg. no. AID218ZM had its rear windscreen and one side mirror damaged. The value of the damage is yet to be established.(4) Malicious Damage To Property. OB no. 2880/23, in which M/Hinyama Warren, aged 50, of House Number 12, Liteta Road in Itawa, Ndola, Occ. Engineer, reported that his motor vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser, Gray in colour, reg. no. AOB 1113, had its left side passenger door window maliciously damaged by unknown people. The incident happened when he was passing Wusakile roundabout and heading to Arthur Davies Stadium. The value of the damaged window is not yet ascertained.(5) Malicious Damage To Property. OB no. 2866/23. Female Hope Chanda, aged 40, of House Number. C3101, Wusakile Police Camp, Kitwe reported that unknown people clad in UPND regalia broke two (2) glass window panes at her house located a few metres away from the filling station as they were pursuing their rivals who ran into the camp,” Mr. Mweemba continued.

“(6) Unlawful Wounding, O.B. no. 2860/23, where female Josephine Banda, aged 40, of House Number. 4748, St. Macelin, Kalulushi was unlawfully wounded by a person she is able to identify. She sustained a cut on her left arm and a knife is alleged to have been used.(7) Serious injury, where one woman identified as male Carol Kayombo, of Kawama T/ship, Kitwe whose other particulars are not yet known fell into a drainage amid the confusion and sustained a broken right leg. Other particulars of the victim could not be picked as she was bleeding and rushed to the hospital. The same is reported to be stable. The cases were reported at the police station and the scene was visited with scenes of a crime officer who took photographic evidence of the damages. Victims of injury have each been issued with a medical report form. Dockets of case opened and investigations are underway. No arrest was made,” Mr. Mweemba concluded.

Meanwhile, President Hakainde Hichilema on Monday blamed this violence on opposition PF supporters.


  1. No surprises here.
    Like mentioned earlier, non UPND people you are in trouble. Criminals are warming jail cells for you lol

  2. They clique of criminals are emboldened by this softy softy civil politics of the president……….

    This is not working………..

    Imagine the brutality that would have been dished out had it been lungu officiating this youth day ???

    I hope this incident wakes up the president from his SDA sermon slumber moods……….

    We are dealing with hard-core theives who you have deprived a living from……..

    • Deja vu……

      If the president loved violence…….

      You would have all been finished and languishing in jails or with broken limbs in exile……….

      You should thank your gods he is a none violence man……….

    • Spaka you don’t need rocket science for this… the violence that broke out in Kitwe, your president instead of calling for calm quickly blamed the PF and further went on to pour scorn on Edgar Lungu…. so to you this is sign of peace. Violence is real

  3. We hope this incidence has demonstrated clearly to my president that……….

    You can not tame these theives with civil politics…………..

    They only understand one language……..

  4. When the Buju take long to arrest cadres then you can guess on who’s side they’re. If the IG at State House doesn’t give instructions on who to arrest then it’s a dead story. How could you allow them to fight in the presence of the President? This is what Komanda Kalimba did at the Freedom Statue under ECL

  5. Warren Hinyama, aged 50 years old. Copperbelt Youth Chairperson. LOL. At that age engaging in senseless violence.

  6. If it was opposition arrests would already have been made and those people would have been in cells but since it’s ruling party Police will drag their feet until the matter dies a natural death.

  7. Zombie no go go, unless you tell am to go (Zombie)
    Zombie no go stop, unless you tell am to stop (Zombie)
    Zombie no go turn, unless you tell am to turn (Zombie)
    Zombie no go think, unless you tell am to think (Zombie)

  8. Those upnd police only act on HHs orders. Don’t pay them any attention.

    I am personally giving a reward of 70,000 kwacha to anyone who locates, beats and brings me any of the upnd thugs that are behind this.

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