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Emmanuel Mwamba calls for action to uphold anti-homosexuality laws despite President Hichilema’s stance


President Hichilema’s recent stance against gay rights in Zambia has been welcomed by Patriotic Front Presidential Aspirant, Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba, but he is calling for corresponding actions to be taken by the government to stop the promotion of LGBTQ rights in the country.

While appearing on Radio Christian Voice’s “Chatback” Programme, Amb. Mwamba stated that promoting homosexuality in Zambia must be rejected as it offends Christian, traditional, cultural, and Zambian values. He praised President Hichilema’s strong stand against homosexuality, but bemoaned that there were no corresponding activities by the police and other institutions to stop the promotion of LGBTQ rights and activities in Zambia.

Amb. Mwamba called on President Hichilema to match his words with action and uphold meaningful principles and national values in the country. He pointed out that when foreign embassies flew the LGBTQ flag, there was no action or public information against the act by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. Similarly, when gay activists hijacked the Lusaka July fashion show event in September 2022, there was no action against the organizers or the perpetrators.

Amb. Mwamba also called for attention to be paid to certain policies and programs for children and adolescents such as Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) where promoters of LGBTQ rights have attempted to infuse awareness and promotion of homosexuality. He urged the Registrar of Societies to deregister organizations that were promoting LGBTQ rights as homosexuality remains illegal in Zambia.

Police in Lusaka recently detained four people in connection with a pro-homosexual march past that took place on 4th March 2023 ahead of International Women’s Day. The four, who all belong to Sistah Sistah Foundation Zambia, were charged with giving false information to a public officer and unlawful assembly.

The flying of the rainbow flag, a symbol of the LGBTQ community, by Swedish and Finnish Embassies in Lusaka brought wide and heated condemnation against the Embassies and Zambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. President Hakainde Hichilema reiterated his stance against gay rights during a funeral church service held on 30th May 2022.

Amb. Mwamba’s call for action is a timely reminder that words must be followed by actions. The Zambian government must take decisive action to uphold the country’s laws and values and protect its citizens from the promotion of LGBTQ rights.


  1. Unfortunately what we’re being told publicly is just to cool off the masses who are opposed to the scourge. Privately it’s something else.

  2. Leave this gay rights issue alone
    its getting boring now
    plus our mentality is not at the point of acceptance
    so all or most will stay in the closet, poor soles
    we african will as the saying goes suck the hind titty for years to come

  3. HH is currently just all talk, no action. We need action. He needs to direct all the government organs that deal with violation of laws ( such as anti Sodomy laws) to act and not cast a blind eye. If HH is interested in having a Second Term in office, his attitude towards the Gay agenda will play a big role. If he seems to be tolerating this Gay agenda, we the Zambian people will vote him and his party out in a landslide. Zambia is watching.

  4. No wonder Africa will never develop….we spend time on things that won’t help the country ….and the West is very good at destruction….now being pre-occupied with Gay issues whilst our roads are deterioting…our health system is in shambles..corruption is on the rise….

  5. A former PF President and a current PF Presidential hopefull have children who are openly gay, why not deal with that in PF first?

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