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The PF Regime Under Edgar Lungu was a Curse on Zambia and should not be treated with Kids Gloves-Saunders


Political Activist and senior citizen Dante Saunders has reminded former president Lungu that it was under his reign that Zambia experienced a total breakdown in the rule of law and general lawlessness of the economy.

Saunders told journalists in an interview that the people decided to reject the PF together with president Lungu to save themselves from the curse of having people bent on looting and plundering the wealth of the nation as leaders of the country.

Now that the law that the PF was disregarding at will is catching up with them, Saunders observes that president Lungu and his gang want to create an impression in the minds of the people that the UPND government is failing to deliver on its promises.

He observed that there is a thin line between indiscipline and disrespect not only to the president but also to the people of Zambia,the Constitution, and is underrating people’s intelligence.

He noted that the angry people of Zambia have not forgotten how the country under the reign of president Lungu experienced a total collapse in the rule of law and order.

He recalled that during the reign of President Lungu, party cadres simply walked into any office and directed the police to arrest and detain anybody who they considered a political threat while they remained free to plunder the wealth of this nation at random.

He warned that the people of Zambia have never forgotten nor will they forget the gassing experience and the killings of innocent citizens while the government under president Lungu remained mute.

He said the burning of markets, beatings of innocent people in markets or along the line of rail, and indeed city centers, including land grabbing will never be forgotten.

He said people still need closure on these matters and will support the new government in ensuring that all those that committed these atrocities are brought to book.

He expressed happiness that law and order is returning to Zambia.

Saunders expressed surprise that the PF gang wants to see chaos rather than face the realities of the law which is catching up because this is what criminals will do.

He observed that during this chaos they are trying to create a gang that will rather flee the country than face the law.

Saunders says the criminals will be brought to book not by President Hakainde Hichilema but through the courts of law and constitutional institutions such as the police, the Anti-corruption commission, the Drug Enforcement Commission, and the Financial Intelligence Centre, including the Auditor General’s office.


    • Lungu anali nikawalala without shame mwebantu. Even encouraging his wife and daughter to join in. Africa needs presidents with initiatives not those who supervise inefficiencies. Not those who think they have to fly abroad every month
      He was lazy and without any creative solutions. Just like the present chimbwi no plan government

  1. Lungu should just slink away enjoy his retairment while he can…………

    More than 50 innocent citizens were being lynched and burned alive in our towns by fellow Zambians……….in scenes reminiscent of soweto at its worst…….

    This was the darkest time of zambias history……..lungu was incharge

    This was under lungus watch………..

    Tribal and cader violence was at its worst with caders beating up police men at will…………

  2. It all depends on whose feeding your belly. The UPND chapter looks worse than the former so Zambians will keep on searching for the promised land. Lungu’s era has been and gone so instead of worrying about mantis, worry about what you are doing to the Zambian people.

    • Zambians are not that du.llll…….

      Politics of the belly only applies to the caders……….

      The majority of Zambians see the progress being made

  3. We will never forget how lungu saw to it that senior ministers in his GRZ were on air openly attacking fellow Zambians on tribal lines……….

    If anyone wore the wrong colours in public spaces, brutal treatment was promptly delivered………

    PF Caders thugs were being advised to steal plots and take overvthe running of public spaces by senior PF officials…………

    The same people who participated in all this are today saying they will come back and rule zambia ????

    In your sick corrpt minds………

    • Spaka do you know why PF can come back? It’s because your party hasn’t got a mature propaganda machinery. You talk as if you are talking to children. Come down from that ivory tower and face the reality. This is not a Cinderella ride. It’s a reality show. Instead of being on the defensive all the time try something that can convince the people that you are better than the PF. You are the ones promoting the PF.

    • I agree on the none existent or weak propaganda marchine………very poor.

      Even I can do a better job then that group who are busy counting SUVs………..

      Things are about to change…..

  4. If Lungu did a wrong to you, take him to court? use the rule of law not condemning your fellow brother like this. politics of hate we say no in Zambian democracy.

  5. Father stop insulting zambians.How much is a bug of mealie meal and salad lekefyo iwee.How much is kwacha to a dollar ,lekefyo iwee, how much is fuel before taking over lekefyo iwee.You are just a praise singner for nothing. KUNTUMPA UKO KKKKKKKK

  6. It’s good to remind one another of the past. So let me remind Dante that he was once a senior member of ZADECO a party that was funded by Goswami

  7. People desire that their needs and expectations are met because that’s the best way to go. Few people are ready to hear story to story.

  8. People desire that their living needs and expectations are met because that’s the best way to go. Few people are ready to hear story to story.

  9. Its very clear why the country is sinking at a very fast rate. The government and its useful *****s and minions are very busy with Lungu and PF instead of working to fix the high cost of living.

    • The effort to address the high cost of living is being waged day and night………and will soon be met.

      It is the expectation of free handouts that will not be met……….

    • Soon? We have been hearing of soon so often it should now be declared a swear word. Yes its a four letter word!

  10. Suffer the present and enjoy the benefits later. It took Mwanawasa and team the whole term of 5 years to revamp Zambia’s economy that time. I won’t be surprised if it takes HH the whole 5 years to revamp an economy ravaged by PF’s 10 year reign of terror. Infact the best time to judge the new dawn will be in 2031

    • Mwanawasa was mature and when he became president things didn’t first become expensive, they kept on reducing. Don’t compare cheese with charcoal.

  11. PF & ECL plus those thar still supports this mafia empire sickens me. They even have the audacity to detach today’s sufferings from the colossal looting that happened under ECL & his PF thugs. This scumbags need too learn to shut up & appreciate that they are not in jail YET.


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