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Ministry of Health PS Condemns Nurses’ Tight Uniforms as Indecent and Offensive to Patients


Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Technical Services, Lackson Kasonka, is disappointed that some chief nursing tutors have paid a blind eye to the indecent way that some nurses dress.

Professor Kasonka stated that the wearing of tight uniforms starts in nursing institutions and continues even in clinics and hospitals.

He said in Kabwe that a uniform is an important element of medical practice and that it is part of the curriculum and attributes which should be imparted in would-be nurses.

He noted that apparently, some of the nurses take their uniforms to tailors to make them tight so that they show all the contours of the body.

The Permanent Secretary castigated nurses who wear tight uniforms and said the conduct no longer inspires people to become nurses.

He said tight uniforms are offensive to the patients who respect their morals and would want to see decently dressed caregivers.

Prof. Kasonka explained that what is important for nurses is to ensure that the uniform is clean and not how it covers the body.

He said that the uniform should be flexible and make nurses be able to bend with ease.

He observed that most female nurses have decided to wear trousers because they fit more tightly while others say the white dress code is old-fashioned and have gone for scrubs.


  1. Kasonka alibe vochita sure. Go get a job with the Taliban. Women’s groups must charge this chauvinist with sexism-he and his government never say anything about male civil servants wearing tight trousers and tight shirts. HH teach your crazy appointees what to focus on.

  2. Zambia has slum housing,inadequate healthcare,joblessness,high indebtedness and deep corruption yet this drunk PS says our priorities is what ?

  3. Its only in Africa where these outdated white uniforms are worn…the colonists who brought them dont even wear anything close to this anymore plus they wear baggy trousers.

  4. All of you men writing nonsense here, please go for circumcision. After that, be admitted and let Dr.Kasonka ensure that one of those nurses with a short and tight uniform attends to you daily. Tell us later to see if the stitches will still be holding.
    The Nursing Council must feel ashamed to be reminded of their duty. They must not allow such a noble profession to go to the dogs.

  5. @Nightingale.You have no shame in even mentioning the name of Nightingale. Secondly, Have the public complained about the tight trousers the male nurses are wearing?
    Remember also that men and women are different. Men react by sight while women react by touch. Have ever wondered why men who sell their bodies to their fellow men put on short pants or tight min dresses?
    If you want to put on a tight mini uniform at a health facility, you are in a totally wrong career. Go and line up in Addis Ababa street at night instead.

    • To the public of course.
      Do you know Clothing is often seen before the voice is heard or behavior is
      Instead of becoming defensive, why not allow the nursing and midwifery council to do simple research on the effect of the uniforms nurses (both male and female ) have on the public?

  6. In SA nurses wear trousers. Imagine! In some countries, ESwatini and Malawi for example, conservatives see this as insulting so women must wear dresses

  7. @ Piranha In a court of law you have to be more precise than “to the public”
    Just because you are offended doesn’t mean everyone else is. You have to prepare your argument better than that if you’re to win. I can bring dozens of people who can say they are members of the public and they are not offended by tight dressed nurses and your case will fall

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