16 houses collapse after heavy rains in Kabompo

Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe touring the flooded place
Central Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kabwe touring the flooded place

Several houses in Kamafwafwa ward of Kabompo district in North western province have collapsed after a heavy downpour.

Kabompo District Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee Chairperson, Hubert Chinyanga, said over 16 houses in Kambole village of senior chief Sikufele’s chiefdom have been submerged in water, leaving the families in the cold.

Mr Chinyanga, who is also Kabompo District Commissioner, encouraged the affected families not to construct houses in water logged areas such as the ones affected.

He said Kabompo had vast highlands which are not occupied.

He was speaking in Kabompo yesterday when he visited some of the affected households.

“It is very unfortunate that some of the houses have collapsed but we will keep mentioning that people should not construct houses in water logged lands but should consider moving to uplands and leave the current land for cultivation purposes. We also thank God that luckily, no life has been lost in the incidents,’’ Mr Chinyanga said.

He further stated that people should also construct permanent structures which cannot be easily affected by water as the effects of climate change are visible and will always affect weak structures.

He added that the government, through Disaster Management and Mitigation Committee (DMMC), will however work hard to assist the affected households by giving them tents as they reconstruct their structures.

And speaking in a separate interview, 79-year-old Moses Chikaya, who is one of the flood victims, thanked the government for providing him with a tent.

Mr Chikaya said the assistance will cushion the challenges which his household of six is facing.

He said it will enable his family members to sleep in a dry and warm shelter as they reconstruct their house.

Mr Chikaya said he has lived in Kambole village for decades and had never experienced such a disaster.

He now believes that climate change is real thus, he will consider moving to an upper land where he will construct a permanent structure.

‘’We are thankful for the government’s assistance of the tent and we will consider moving to upper land as we now believe that climate change is real and has also affected us in Kabompo.

Meanwhile, Fred Kaivwa, who is headman Kaivwa in the same area, stressed the need to continuously sensitise his subjects that settled in water logged areas of Kamafwafwa ward to move as the government will not manage to always help them.

He however thanked the District Commissioner for promptly visiting the affected households to offer comfort and solidarity.


  1. But you’re showing us only a standing house. Not even one of the 16 houses could be photographed? Or is this a scam to get donations from naive samaritans?



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