Tuesday, March 5, 2024

NATO Uses ICC to Target Putin for War Crimes, African Leaders Beware


By Peter Sinkamba

International Criminal Court (ICC), on instructions by NATO Allies has issued an international arrest warrant for President Putin, allegedly for committing war crimes in Ukraine.

ICC strategy comes into picture after a Russian jet grounded a US drone close to the Russian border. Clearly, NATO has realised that Putin is a no nonsense man ready to hit anyone playing with fire, including the U.S.

Scared to directly take on Russia after grounding the drone, the U.S. wants a surrogate country to suffer the Ukraine consequences that have befallen Ukraine.

The ICC & the U.S. know too well that even if Putin were to land on the U.S. soil, no one will arrest him simply because they are not members of the ICC, and there lack jurisdiction to effect an arrest warrant.

When ICC tried years ago to issue arrest warrants against the U.S. citizens, then U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened two staff members of the ICC. He called them out by name, claimed they were putting Americans at risk, and intimated that the US could act against them, as well as other ICC personnel and their families.

ICC judges had authorized the court’s prosecutor to open an investigation into grave crimes committed in connection with the conflict in Afghanistan. The US government has threatened to take action in an effort to scare the court away from an investigation.

The US revoked the ICC prosecutor’s entry visa – an extraordinary measure usually reserved for the worst human rights violators, not those seeking to bring them to justice. Pompeo, at the time he announced the visa policy, said the US could use economic sanctions if the ICC moved forward with investigations of US nationals. Immediately after the March 5 decision, he disparaged the court. The ensuing comments against the IC staffers were even more pointed.

Sanctions were imposed against ICC prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda, and another senior prosecution official, Phakiso Mochochoko. In addition, Pompeo announced that the United States had restricted the issuance of visas for certain unnamed individuals “involved in the ICC’s efforts to investigate US personnel.”
The executive order declared a national emergency and authorized asset freezes and family entry bans against ICC officials who were identified as being involved in certain activities. Earlier, the Trump administration had repeatedly threatened action to thwart ICC investigations in Afghanistan and Palestine. In a precursor step, in 2019, the Trump administration revoked the prosecutor’s US visa.

Only a foolish country’s leadership will fall into a trap to arrest Putin on instructions from ICC as such a country would end up in ruins while the U.S. and its NATO allies watch from afar.

If NATO really has guts, let them go for Putin right now in Moscow since they know where he is. But won’t do it because they don’t want to get their countries ruined and and the general populace killed, for nothing.


  1. This warranty comes on the 20th anniversary since the US and it’s allies toppled and murdered Saddam Hussein. They said they did it for the people of Iraq and the world at large. Is Iraq or the world any better? What do these people really want?

    • Then they killed Muammar Gaddafi with Jacob Zuma as president of South Africa giving them the green light to attack their biggest threat from Africa

    • Kaizar Kalya-Nyoko Zulu, you are the ones who gave them control of Zambia by borrowing US $31 billion, which the country will never be able to pay. Usually, they have to force countries into debt traps at gun point, but you went and got Zambia in one by yourselves, starting with that horrible leader of your Michael Satan who found Zambia debt free, and looted the money in the treasury before embarking on a borrowing and stealing spree. It is not the fault of HH. It is your fault, you personally, Edgar Chakolwa HIV+ Lungu, Chishimba Jabba the Hutt Kambwili, Anthony Mwamba, etc etc etce ..

  2. Both the Russian Federation and the American government do not recognize the ICC. Moreover, indictments can’t be enforced on any supper power for that matter.
    Unfortunately, this European court is best suited for African “war criminals”.
    The arrest warrant only puts the Russian leader in the spotlight and makes him escalate war efforts.

  3. ICC should concentrate more on liars like hh who win elections on false promises and run economies down. Icc is just a western joke of an organisation. Blair and Bush are walking freely yet they massacre millions in Iraq. We in pf support putin.

  4. Beware: this message is not for side chicks.

    My Mother kept a garden, a garden of the heart, She planted all the good things that gave my life it’s start. She turned me to the sunshine and encouraged me to dream, Fostering and nurturing the seeds of self-esteem…

    When the winds and rain came, she protected me enough-But not too much because she knew I’d need to stand up strong and tough one day.

    Her constant good example always taught me right from wrong-Markers for my pathway that will last a lifetime long.
    I am my Mother’s garden.
    I am her legacy-
    Even in her grave, I hope today she feels the love reflected back from me. brethren, make this day COUNT in your mothers’ calendars

    HAPPY mothers ’S DAY to all the women in my life. I love you regina baby

  5. The truth that everyone knows is that if anyone would dare arrest Putin, the Third World War would start. He is not some president from Sudan. Noone would dare arrest Xi for the same reasons. So this ICC is some kangaroo court to punish minnows and Third World combatants. Eisenhower, George Bush, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan etc were all war criminals but no court ever dared arrest them

    • True the Americans, being the world police inspector, enjoy all the immunity there is to prosecutions at ICC.
      While they are busy thinking he is cornered, let’s be aware that he also won’t give in too easily. Mark my words.

    • He is far from being cornered. He will only avoid NATO countries but will walk into China, India, South Africa Iran etc. I remember the ICC asking Zambia to arrest Bush but nothing happened. Just like Zambia was scared of getting smacked by the US all other minnow countries will be .

  6. The response from Russians…. Let the ICC and the West who sponsor ICC put the arrest warrant of Putin in a cup, then add some Vodka into the cup, then drink from this cup after their quick lunch!! The ICC is encouraging third world war in the name of human rights. The ICC wants more war crimes. The ICC should be told to stop double standards. Why has it been difficult for ICC to issue an arrest warrant for the prime minister of Israel whose state machinery has been murdering innocent of Palestine over several years??

  7. Dont drag Africa in this crisis, we have dealt with thus issue and lets support the law and encourage Russia to pull out and stop the fighting because lives are lost because of power hungry leaders. this war is unjustified and an embarrassment to humanity. Africa is on track and we should focus on boosting intra Africa trade to eliminate poverty and hunger. We should not support the killings in Ukraine but urge Russia to stop the damage but God has the power to change the course in a minute

  8. So is Peter Sinkamba seeking political relevance in Zambia where he has no traction? This article seems so.


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